Kelly Osbourne`s Amazing Fat Loss


kelly osbourne fat freeKelly Osbourne lost a lot of fat very fast and i understand her.. you know that people judge others by the way they look first.. so superficiality is everywhere including in Kelly Osbourne`s life especially when it comes to boyfriends!

Kelly understood that and she went on a diet and workout program that did wonders to her body thus that outstanding weight loss.

Kelly Osbourne used to eat just about anything she could pop in the microwave but now she is eating small portions of healthy food as celebritydietdoctor says and Kelly has 5 secrets that help her keep relatively slim in that fat loss program:

  • Organic veggies and fruits (Kelly Osbourne keeps celery and carrot sticks in her fridge for snacks)
  • Saying no to her favorite cookies
  • Putting the kabosh on late night eating.
  • Cutting out beer is another one because Kelly Osbourne drinks 🙂
  • Keeping her food intake to around 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day to maintain the fat loss
  • Kelly Osbourne on her fat loss improvement:
    “I’ve only just started wearing lovely dresses like the beautiful black Tony Ward number I wore to the Emmy Awards last week”

    “But losing another 10lbs since splitting with my ex Luke and becoming a size 6 has given me the confidence to dress up!”

    Photo Gallery With Kelly Osbourne from Fat to Slim:

    Look at the photos.. Kelly was so fat, fatty, fatso and now? Well she is quite nice and slim, good for her, the photos speak for themselves.

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