Chuck Norris Muscle Jokes


chuck norris and musclesHere are some jokes, more of interesting facts with Chuck Norris and his muscles :D.

  • Chuck Norris does not work out, he just simply stares at work out equipment until he builds muscle
  • While serving in Vietnam, Chuck Norris’s diet consisted of trail mix made from the testicles of enemy soldiers that were in his way. He also threw in a handful of roasted almonds to build muscle
  • Chuck Norris does not flex at 100%, if he did, his muscle mass would become so dense it would create it’s own gravitational field similar to that of a black hole… Killing all living things in the universe, except himself
  • Once, a long time ago muscle and beard were living entities, and they conceived Chuck Norris
  • Chuck Norris craps pure muscle
  • A doctor weighed Chuck Norris and found that he weighed a whopping 650 pounds. Shocked at how heavy Norris was, even with how much muscle he has, the doctor asked why he weighed so much. Having been met with this inquiry many times in his life Norris simply pointed at his crotch and said, “My penis.”
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