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Happy New Year 2011!!

What can i say :D may the new year 2011 bring to you lots and lots of money, health and muscles! Cheers, take a break and get drunk, it`s worth it! Off season for 1 day ! :)

Jensen Ackles Shirtless Rubbing His Nipples

Let`s forget about muscle building, pumping adrenaline and let`s laugh a little :). Supernatural is a hit series about two brothers Dean and Sam Winchester that try to kill demons yada yada to save the world;Anyway i`ve wrote about Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and his workout for those muscles of his here and now when i was looking for material about his brother Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) i just laughed of what i found :D. Look at Jensen Ackles shirtless touching his boobs, tits, hooter...

Jessica Biel`s Intense Workout And Diet Plan

Jessica Biel got my attention from the movie "The Illusionist" but when i started searching for movies of her i found another movie "Blade: Trinity" that was launched in 2004. In that movie Jessica had a stunning body i mean she was very toned up, well defined and she got huge muscles, Jessica`s shoulders were very wide and impressive but don`t make me think of that gorgeous ass :D and athletic legs. Are you ready for Jessica Biel`s Intense Workout And Diet Plan from "Blade:Trinity" ? Jess...


Merry Christmas to everybody! May your wishes come true in this night!

The Game – Dope Boys ft. Travis Barker

The Game - Dope Boys ft. Travis BarkerIf this isn`t a workout, pumping, head spinning, muscle building song then i`m Santa Claus ! Travis Barker really does some sick beats, enjoy listening!

Iris Kyle`s Secret For A Big Back

Every bodybuilder male or female has a different workout for a big back Ms. Olympia, Ms. Figure Olympia or Ms. Fitness Olympia.A secret workout is one that builds in todays case big backs and that applies for Iris Kyle too cause this female bodybuilder Iris if i can use just her forename :) has a stunning body with rock hard muscles and a big back of course! Iris Kyle, who won her sixth Ms. Olympia bodybuilding title in september says that she usually warms up with pullups but after that she ...

Delicious Chicken Breast With White Wine Sauce

Recipe for today: Delicious Chicken Breast With White Wine Sauce Ingredients for Chicken Breast With White Wine Sauce 4-8 ounce of chicken breasts 1/4 lb fresh sliced mushrooms for this delicious recipe 1/2 cup of dry white wine 1 teaspoon with lemon juice 1/2 teaspoon with dried dill for colour (a bit of green) 1/2 cup of skim milk to add flavour to this chicken breast with white wine sauce recipe 1/2 cup of italian bread crumbsHow to prepare (cook) Chicken Breast With White Wi...

Ludacris – My Chick Bad ft. Nicki Minaj

Ludacris - My Chick Bad ft. Nicki MinajHey, missed me? Well if yes, here`s a workout song for your muscles.

Shemuscle FLavia Crisos Likes To Surf

Yep that`s right, Flavia Crisos the brazilian shemuscle has moved to Florianopolis, an island in the south of Brazil because she likes to surf! I would like to see her on that surfboard of hers :)

What to wear at the gym and why

Hey readers, glad to be at my pc again to speak with all of you through my blog. Yesterday i was reading some other blogs and i`ve stumbled upon a good ideea.. that ideea was: "What to wear at the gym and why?" Okay, so on other blogs the only thing i saw about what to wear at the gym was something stupid like fashion, sexual tension and atraction at the gym or other fiddlesticks. It was obvious that the people who wrote on those blogs were women! (not the kind of women that have a hardcore work...