Jessica Biel`s Intense Workout And Diet Plan


Jessica biel bikini workoutJessica Biel got my attention from the movie “The Illusionist” but when i started searching for movies of her i found another movie “Blade: Trinity” that was launched in 2004.

In that movie Jessica had a stunning body i mean she was very toned up, well defined and she got huge muscles, Jessica`s shoulders were very wide and impressive but don`t make me think of that gorgeous ass 😀 and athletic legs. Are you ready for Jessica Biel`s Intense Workout And Diet Plan from “Blade:Trinity” ?

Jessica Biel`s Workout
In an interview, Jessica Biel said that she had to go with lots of weight training, lots of cardio, lots of running to lean down, gain more muscle and lose body fat.

Attitude really is everything, and Biel’s take on healthy living goes beyond her killer biceps. “When you feel good inside, you project that outward to the world,” she says about her healthy lifestyle

For that body with those muscles Jessica Biel would work out for an hour and a half doing cardio, then weight lifting and after that Jessica would go to an hour of martial arts and one of archery but don`t forget about the diet too.

Do you know what followed this training? Well.. SLEEP

Jessica had to go through a lot of serious training, martial arts training the whole range with all different kinds and she`d use lots of sava and a lot of boxing .. raw street fighting in other words.

Activities that are included in Jessica Biel`s Workout
exercise workout for jessica

  • Outdoor Activities like wrapping a rubber exercise band around both ankles and takes lateral steps ( i think this exercise works the hamstrings a little and the buttock muscles)
  • Sprint on the Track
  • Martial arts, Boxing and Kickboxing
  • Compound Exercises ( Jessica Biel when training is using medicine balls and does full body movement exercises)
  • Eating ( but keeping the junk food away from her diet)
  • Jessica Biel does a five minute warm up on the treadmill or five minutes of stretching. I`ve read that her favorite warm up is walking lunge (meaning you walk while you lunge on each leg). After warming up Jessica Biel does her “little” cardio session that involves running like a crazy person in my opinion but it works :). For that she includes in her workout lots of sprints!

    After the cardio session Jessica starts weight lifting and plyometrics training (for gaining strength in the muscles and speed). In the gym her workout changes from week to week so that the body can`t get used to it. Jessica mostly trains with her body weight when it comes to squats, pull ups or push ups.

    Important Tip

  • When working out her abs Jessica Biel does some leg raises, russian twists and crunches!
  • Jessica Biel`s Diet Plan

    Jessica discovered that it`s all about the diet and the exercise. She is aware that eating three big meals a day is not good for your metabolism because it gets slower so in a perfect world you have to get 6-8 meals a day.
    Contrary to belief, Jessica Biel does not cut down her diet but instead of junk food, she eats organic and natural food keeping the complex carbs at the beginning of the day to maintain the muscles.

    Now, after reading about Jessica Biel`s Workout and Diet Plan you can enjoy yourself with this small photo gallery.
    Jessica biel workout diet
    jessica biel sexy ass
    beautiful ass workout
    sexy legs jessica biel
    jessica biel workout diet plan
    muscles jessica biel
    jessica biel black dress
    jessica justin workout diet

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    3 Responses to “Jessica Biel`s Intense Workout And Diet Plan”

  • Diane Simmons says:

    jessica has a hot ass and she knows it why should she workout or have a diet plan.. maybe just for keeping it nice, tight and sexy

  • 20 inch arms says:

    Consuming is essential to creating muscle and losing pounds. The key is to not more than do it and eat huge meals. Eating 5 or 6 smaller meals is much more effective in helping you feel full. It also offers extra power all through the day for functioning and physical exercise.

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