What to wear at the gym and why


gym wear cotton sweatHey readers, glad to be at my pc again to speak with all of you through my blog. Yesterday i was reading some other blogs and i`ve stumbled upon a good ideea.. that ideea was: “What to wear at the gym and why?”

Okay, so on other blogs the only thing i saw about what to wear at the gym was something stupid like fashion, sexual tension and atraction at the gym or other fiddlesticks. It was obvious that the people who wrote on those blogs were women! (not the kind of women that have a hardcore workout like bodybuilders, but rather skinny “i`ve got an issue with men” ones).

When men go to the gym to work out, they do it because they want to acomplish something great.. sculpt the perfect body, not to impress other people with their clothes (lots of people that search on google “what to wear at the gym” think the opposite but no, you only need to know what equipment is fit for this sport) , not to atract women or to make small talk like it`s a social club.

Well in these days some of them go to the gym exactly for that but you know what i mean, that pure instinct just to work out and grow bigger and bigger, lift heavier weights, have a healthy lifestyle etc.

Another bothering thing that i read on “what to wear at the gym” was and i quote:

why men insist on dressing like disgusting slobs there?

Hey now i`m gonna feel free to give you an answer and that`s simple: WE DRESS LIKE DISGUSTING SLOBS BECAUSE WE`RE NOT THERE TO IMPRESS YOU!!!!

Now that i`ve relaxed a little (but i still have issues that i would like to clarify with them) let`s talk about what to wear at the gym and why!

gym belt weight trainingWhat to wear on upper body at the gym:
First of all get rid of white t-shirts because white ones take stains too fast when you sweat. Find yourself lightweight, breathable cotton or microfibre t-shirts to help prevent bad odour. Buy yourself a weight training belt, some training gloves and a towel to wipe out that sweat.

What to wear on lower body at the gym:
Shorts are a comfortable choice but some people prefer to wear longer training pants, track pants or sweatpants at the gym. Overall just don`t wear jeans because they`re not the most giving fabric and it will be dificult to do exercises like squats or lunges.

What shoes should you wear at the gym:
Well you can use most of the sport shoes that are around here, running shoes are the best choice just for cardio. My best advice for you is to buy cross-trainer shoes. Cross-trainers are your gym type shoes because they are made for side to side movement and flexion or extension of your foot so they`re recommended for you to wear.

gym shoes cross trainersRunning shoes are the worst type of gym shoes because they are only made for forward and back motion. At the gym you`re working in all sorts of direction not just forward and back. Cross-trainers don’t have the cushioning of running shoes but they have more support for your arch and ankle.
Don`t wear sandals, flip flops etc. cause the risk of something heavy getting near your feet is quite big and i think you wouldn`t like that :D.

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