How to Recognize Symptoms of Dehydration


muscle water and dehydrationWhat is Dehydration?

Dehydration defines itself as a excessive loss of body fluid or literally, the removal of water from an object and it`s hard to be a great bodybuilder if you don`t keep your muscles in constant hydration.

We lose some body water every day in our sweat, urine or stool. Water can leave the body as vapor when we breathe and the water that we lose has some important salts so for a bodybuilder that needs to build muscles even with his protein diet and workouts if he`s dehydrated he can lose progress so pay attention to the symptoms. We usually replace this body fluid and the salts it contains with the water and salts from our regular diet.

You need water for producing and utilizing energy, functioning of muscle cells, tissues and organs so it`s imperative to prevent dehydration!

Symptoms of Dehydration
How can you recognize dehydration? Well take a look:

  • dry, cool skin
  • high thirst
  • lethargy or irritability
  • fatigue or dizziness
  • dry or sticky mouth (adhesive saliva)
  • reduced urination (even the urine with a dark yellowish color can be a symptom of dehydration)
  • loss of appetite which is very bad for a bodybuilder that needs to build those muscles
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