Is Michael Strahan in Shape During his Retirement?


michael strahan now Michael Strahan spent 15 years chasing quarterbacks and tackling running backs but now after his retirement everything got a little boring i guess.. he`s a broadcaster with the FOX NFL Sunday crew and his life is very quiet.

Former NFL Star Michael Strahan is still working out to maintain a healthy muscular physique. What did you think? That Michael would stop? Well.. NEVER!!! 🙂

Now though Strahan has a new workout routine and a different meal plan because he doesn`t train as intense as he did when he was a football player so the calorie intake is smaller!

Michael Strahan isn`t going as heavy and with a lot of physical pounding on his joints as he used too. His squats and leg presses now use a lot more of his own body weight and focus on range of motion instead of brute strength (force) coming from deep inside the muscles.

calorie intake for michael strahan

Michael Strahan feels like his body goes into convulsions when leg day comes!

Michael hates leg exercises. He hates one-legged squats, hurdles and the split squats i mean all of them :D.

A typical breakfast from Strahan`s diet as he told a magazine sounds like: three egg whites and three slices of turkey bacon because now he eats more smaller meals instead of just gorging. As an athlete, you’re brought up with the mentality that you finish everything you start. If you’re going to start a meal, you have to finish it until the plate is clean. Michael Strahan had to change that mentality to one of where, he eats until he`s full and leave the rest.

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