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DMX feat. Ruff Ryders – Get Wild

DMX feat. Ruff Ryders - Get WildCheck out this awesome workout song from DMX and Ruff Ryders... Now let`s get wild and pump some muscles ruff ryder style!

Forget the myths about women`s weight training

A lot of women are avoiding weight training because of some rumours or misconceptions about women's weight training. As a woman you can`t have a complete weight loss program without weight training because you burn calories while you pump up the muscles in the gym and here are some common myths about women`s weight training: There`s a myth that women's weight training increases their chest size but it isn`t true because breasts are made of fatty tissue and when you work out the fat burns makin...

Oksana Grishina`s sexy hamstrings

Look at Oksana Grishina`s super hot body! She`s doing bent over barbell rows for training her upper back. Oksana, this female bodybuilder or shemuscle is super shredded and you can see that starting from her triceps and going towards her hamstrings... i mean look at them, they`re so hot and sexy! Our shemuscle here has the perfect bent over position (form) for doing those barbell rows and even for something else :D. Oksana Grishina`s physique is lean and she really does have dreamy muscles that ...

Salmon steak with ginger and lime for proteins!

Recipe for today: Salmon Steak with Ginger and LimeWe all need our protein intake for healthy, strong and hard muscles and this is the perfect dish, a high protein meal with 50-60 g of protein.Ingredients for Salmon Steak with Ginger and Lime 4 salmon fillets of 6 ounces each but there`s no problem if the salmon is heavier 8 slices of lime for vitamin c that you need for growing muscles :D 2 tablespoons of softened unsalted butter 2 teaspoon of soy sauce 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder for...

Eminem- Crack a Bottle (Official Music Video)

Eminem - Crack a Bottle (Official Music Video) Oldies but goldies :).. i`m glad that you enjoy my workout songs and i hope you`ll grow the muscles that you dream about!

Branch Warren`s Huge Calves Workout

Branch Warren has featured in many bodybuilding magazines and Branch even appeared on the magazine cover of Muscular Development. He's the image of MuscleTech supplements i think and returning at the article`s title let`s find out some things about Branch Warren`s workout for those supernatural calves of his cause calves are muscles too aren`t they!? :D Branch Warren built his lower part of his legs in time with hard work and he did it alternating between a moderate-rep workout and a high-...

Sylvia Tremblay A Dreamy Shemuscle

She is in my opinion the hottest shemuscle i`ve ever seen :D. Sylvia Tremblay can make you go mad with that small purple bikini of hers but her aesthetics, proportions and build are sublime for a woman. Just take a look for yourself at her abs, thighs, biceps.. Isn`t she beautiful?

Chris Hemsworth`s Workout and Diet Plan for Thor

Are you waiting to see the new movie "Thor"? Cause i sure am and i can barely wait... from the trailer it seems that "Thor" will be a blockbuster but now let`s get back to our main subject today: Chris Hemsworth, his muscle workout and his diet plan! Chris Hemsworth`s Workout for "Thor" For playing the role of Thor, Chris Hemsworth required an amazing transformation with his physique at least (we can`t doubt his talent in acting) and for that transformation Chris really gave all his energy a...

Sabaton- Into The Fire

Sabaton - Into The FireMissed a good workout song? Well here it is: Sabaton into the fire.. pump those muscles!

Tuna Waldorf Salad With Apples On Bed Of Greens

Recipe for today: Tuna Waldorf Salad With Apples On Bed Of Greens Ingredients for Tuna Waldorf Salad With Apples On Bed Of Greens 3 diced unpeeled red apples 1 tablespoon of lemon juice 6 oz. of drained white tuna 1 cup with chopped celery 1/4 cup with walnut kernel 1/2 cup with fat-free mayonnaise for us bodybuilders and our need for a low body fat 1 lettuce for the bed of greensHow to cook Tuna Waldorf Salad With Apples On Bed Of Greens This easy recipe is very tasty and ag...