Chris Hemsworth`s Workout and Diet Plan for Thor


chris hemsworth`s chest and armsAre you waiting to see the new movie “Thor”? Cause i sure am and i can barely wait… from the trailer it seems that “Thor” will be a blockbuster but now let`s get back to our main subject today: Chris Hemsworth, his muscle workout and his diet plan!

Chris Hemsworth`s Workout for “Thor”
For playing the role of Thor, Chris Hemsworth required an amazing transformation with his physique at least (we can`t doubt his talent in acting) and for that transformation Chris really gave all his energy and dedication as you can see in the photos from the short gallery that i included in this article. You really have to be real focused on your workout routine and diet plan in order to get so much muscle mass as Chris Hemsworth did.

Proper resting is crucial for muscle growth!

After working out, Chris had to repair his small tears from the muscles resulted from intense training and the only way you can repair them is by sleeping because when you sleep the body`s HGH (human growth hormone) spikes. If you didn`t know, HGH helps people with burning fat and gaining muscles. By the way at his height 6′ 3″ (1.91 m) it`s really hard to get that kind of muscle mass. Just look at the “Thor” movie trailer, it rocks !

Chris Hemsworth`s “Thor” movie trailer (1:45 glimpse of his full of muscles body)

muscle trainer mike knight With the help of Mike Knight lead trainer from art of strength, Chris Hemsworth was on his way for a buffed and hardcore body that you will see in the new movie “Thor”.. yeah yeah it`s hard to gain muscles but you only need dedication!

Chris Hemsworth was used to work out using machines like you see in the gym but Mike Knight made him train like an animal for brute force and pure strength in the muscles with.. can you guess? Well with logs, kettlebells, ropes, hammers and other alternative methods which train the core with intensity.

Chris trained with Knight for a period of 6 months and Knight made him train even on set making Chris Hemsworth to lift and even carry cast members to keep him in a pumped up shape.

Video example of Chris Hemsworth`s workout (at Mike Knight`s gym)

Chris Hemsworth`s Diet Plan for “Thor”
The main element for Chris Hemsworth`s muscle mass was his diet and he said in an interview that he used a lot of protein shakes, ate lots of chicken breasts and overall a lot of calories and food for those muscles. Chris Hemsworth also got rid of refined sugar and saturated fats in order to gain that muscle mass that we like.

Check out this short photo gallery with Chris Hemsworth`s guns:

chris hemsworth with a banana
chris flexing muscles
chris hemsworth`s workout and diet plan

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10 Responses to “Chris Hemsworth`s Workout and Diet Plan for Thor”

  • Theresa says:

    need to see Thor and Chris Hemsworth shirtless omg he`s got muscles like a hunk, cya Theresa

  • Wimpy Kid says:

    Chris is gaining muscles as we speak doesn`t he? hope that Thor will be a good movie not like others thanks for the article although i will never get that kind of body with that kind of muscles

  • Belly Chris says:

    is chris hemsworth a alfa male? yes. nice workout and diet thanks for taking the time to post this article

  • Hemsworth`s body fan says:

    chris hemsworth is a hunk, i just saw Thor and he looks amazing with his ripped body. Bulk muscles are still there i don`t even know how to describe chris hemsworth

  • Lime Love says:

    omg chrisss we love you chriss!!! i want to see him in a gym

  • chris hesmworth rocks says:

    so thor in bluray is so high definiton like :)) and chris hemsworths muscles are so raw and i hope that with his workout and diet i will be the same

  • Robert Redford says:

    just saw thor and chris is in his best shape with that workout of his. diet plans rule if you want chiseled abs!

  • Chris Hemsworth huge man with muscles says:

    chris hemsworth looked like arnold schwarzenegger and he bulked up too much for the part of thor because of his training he was eating a lot and he tried to get as big as he can with his muscles and when he got that thor costume on him, his arms got numb because in 3 months chris hemsworth got big in some measures for thor costume and i don t know if there were steroids or not. Chris Hemsworth also started more cardio after the incident with his bulk muscle mass by changing his workout program with the heavy weightlifting

  • loly pop says:

    hemsworth’s tranformation is amazing!

  • Go go Chris says:

    Is it me or Chris Hemsworth shrinked a little for the Snow White and the Huntsman movie? for a guy who was born in 1983, he sure looks fine and acts quite good. Muscle gaining isn’t my concern but i would like to get big frickin muscles like chris

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