Forget the myths about women`s weight training


myths about women`s weight trainingA lot of women are avoiding weight training because of some rumours or misconceptions about women’s weight training. As a woman you can`t have a complete weight loss program without weight training because you burn calories while you pump up the muscles in the gym and here are some common myths about women`s weight training:

  • There`s a myth that women’s weight training increases their chest size but it isn`t true because breasts are made of fatty tissue and when you work out the fat burns making way for some muscles if you catch my drift!
  • Women’s weight training turns fat into muscle. Hmm this myth is a little related to the previous myth but fat and muscle are two completely different types of tissue and one can`t replace the other.
  • Women’s weight training does not help you lose weight… are you sure? Weight training improves your metabolism thus helping you burn more calories and when you burn those calories you lose weight baby! Keep your muscles real! 😀
  • One other myth would be that if women start weight training they can eat whatever they want because the food will get absorbed for energy and recovery of the muscle tissue but nooo this myth is very wrong! Everybody has an individual metabolism that determines how many calories they burn at rest and while they weight train. If you eat more calories than you burn, your body will accumulate these calories and turn them into fat!!
  • So all of you women can start weight training right about… NOW! It`s healthy and nothing will deform you, just forget about these stupid myths 🙂

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