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How to get big forearm muscles

If you`re reading this article i know that you really want to know how to get big forearm muscles so i guess that the best thing to do is to begin with the main idea. I`ll start with something that everybody knows; When it comes to training their arms, many individuals tend to focus on their triceps and especially on their biceps.It`s understandable but think about it!When you`re outside the probability of wearing a t-shirt or a short sleeve shirt is big thus meaning that the most visible part o...

Dirty Money- Ass On The Floor ft. Swizz Beatz

Diddy, Dirty Money- Ass On The Floor ft. Swizz BeatzHere is a blood pumping song that has a lot of bass and i know that you really like listening to this kind of music while working out. Have fun in the gym!

Arnold Schwarzenegger`s brand new bronze statue

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been an icon for many years in bodybuilding and for that reason a statue has been built for him. When Arnold saw the statue, he asked for a few changes to be made to it but he then approved it for casting. Arnold Schwarzenegger`s statue will be cast in bronze and shipped to Graz where everybody can see his well known pose that he used when competing in Mr. Olympia.