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Male to female bodybuilder Chris Tina Bruce

Our transgender bodybuilder Chris Tina Bruce or Christopher Gary Bruce was born in Washington DC, raised in Atlanta, Georgia and matured in Dallas, Texas. This male to female bodybuilder went from 230 lb. male bodybuilder to 180 lb. female fitness trainer and she can be proud of that! But Chris Tina Bruce or also known as Christina Foxx had a normal life before becoming a transgender bodybuilder because she had a wife (his/her high school girlfriend), two kids and pursued her interest in fitnes...

Lit – My Own Worst Enemy

Lit - My Own Worst Enemy Can we forget about the things i said when i was drunk? I didn`t mean to call you that! :D Well i hope that your workouts are not your worst enemies :). Happy muscle growing with this workout song!

Creatine fast muscle builder for skinny people

Even if you are genetically predisposed to being skinny, you can improve your physical appearance fast by weight and strength training to gain size, muscle mass or to build muscles whatever you want to call that process when you transform your skinny wimpy body into a bulking physique."I need to gain muscle mass and fast because i`m too skinny and clothes are on me like on a fence!" Sounds familiar?Well if you need a fast muscle builder supplement that will surely help with your skinny transfor...

Snickers Mocha Protein Shake

Recipe for today: Snickers Mocha Protein ShakeIngredients for Snickers Mocha Protein Shake one half cup of cold coffee one scoop of chocolate protein powder one half cup of skim or unsweetened almond milk one teaspoon of drops of caramel creamer (try to find sugar free to reduce your carbs) 3-4 ice cubes for a refreshing snickers mocha protein shake 1 teaspoon of butternut flavoring extractI think you all know how to prepare a shake so go ahead and shake that protein shake :D. It`s goo...

BrandiMae your muscle girlfriend

BrandiMae is a female athlete that can surprise us with her sex appeal from that symmetry and muscularity of her body. Being a female bodybuilder or if i can say a shemuscle BrandiMae can be a model for other women from bodybuilding and i think you might agree by only looking at this photo of BrandiMae finishing her legs exercise with that hot ass in a perfect position. Would you like a girlfriend like BrandiMae? 

The All-American Rejects – Dirty Little Secret

The All-American Rejects - Dirty Little SecretTake a look at this workout song only for you and your muscles and don`t forget to keep that hidden secret inside cause you might scare someone with it :D

Hot romanian singer: Inna`s workout and diet plan

The new queen of music as french call her on the cover of FHM magazine, Inna`s real name is Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu and she`s not only a singer but a model too. Inna highlighted her grace, seductive eyes and stunning body (that she gained through a serious diet plan and lots of hard workouts in fitness gyms) in numerous hot and sexy pictorials. The beautiful singer attracts more and more international attention. Besides Inna`s music, another reason for which Inna is admired is her natural...

Nettle juice for a healthy body

Fresh nettle contains many vitamins and minerals as zinc and iron that can stimulate your immunity and treat asthenia. Boil half a liter of water and add a hand of nettles. Scald them for 5 minutes and filter the resulted drink. You have to drink this nettle juice half an hour before each meal.

Alexis Ellis shemuscle physique model posing

Alexis Ellis has a body.. ohh my gosh what a body and do you know who trained her for 3 years in order to get those muscles for a strong competitive physique in contests? Well this lovely shemuscle Alexis Ellis with her cute chiseled and hard legs was trained by her love, David Ellis. Slick hat isn`t it?

Walnut kernels lower cholesterol

Walnut kernels are rich in minerals, vitamins, vegetable fats and all these ingredients that come from the walnut are good for lowering cholesterol. Be careful though because if you eat too many walnut kernels you can easily add weight! Consumed after each meal, walnuts can prevent thickening of the arteries thus preventing heart disease and lowering cholesterol. If you eat large amounts of walnut kernels those being an important provider of proteins (good for muscles, don`t forget), fats, vi...