Hot romanian singer: Inna`s workout and diet plan


inna`s hot sensual bodyThe new queen of music as french call her on the cover of FHM magazine, Inna`s real name is Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu and she`s not only a singer but a model too. Inna highlighted her grace, seductive eyes and stunning body (that she gained through a serious diet plan and lots of hard workouts in fitness gyms) in numerous hot and sexy pictorials.

The beautiful singer attracts more and more international attention. Besides Inna`s music, another reason for which Inna is admired is her natural and appealing forms so physical attractiveness has a lead role too in Inna`s success thus realizing the importance of a diet plan and workout.

The hottest singer of the moment, Inna, turns heads and does headlines not only in clubs but also in the virtual world because Inna is the artist with the most fans on facebook: over 2.400.000 so Inna is HOT and AMAZING on facebook too :D.

Inna`s Facebook is right HERE!!

inna`s secret for her bodyInna`s Workout
For her toned body with ferm muscles and strong abs it seems that Inna has been doing some aerobics exercises. Aerobics exercises consist of rhythmic, large muscle exercises, usually done to music in a class led by an instructor and this is a modern form of total body workout that is motivating, social and fun (Inna loves to do fun things)!

She also made a dance room in her house where she can practice almost every night with her dance partners to be in tip top shape for concerts and that`s kind of enough of Inna`s workout.

Inna`s Diet Plan
She`s a phenomenon of dance music but all of her spectacular appearances in front of the cameras hide a healthy lifestyle with a consistent diet plan and Inna knows perfectly how to maintain her silhouette. She eats healthy and she avoids as much as possible fried foods. Because Inna travels a lot when she`s in an airport a breakfast will sound something like:

  • smoked chicken sandwich with low-fat cheese
  • raw vegetables
  • some milk or some fresh fruit juice
  • The perfect lunch may contain:

  • vegetable salad
  • lean meat and olive oil
  • sometimes some pasta
  • As for snacks Inna included in her diet plan:

  • fresh fruit
  • yogurt
  • seeds
  • Small photo gallery with Inna and her stunning sexy body:

    sexy legs posture from inna
    inna`s sexy body diet
    singer inna`s diet and workout
    inna in jeans showing sexy body

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    One Response to “Hot romanian singer: Inna`s workout and diet plan”

  • Miss Alex says:

    wow inna is gorgeous like her diet plan i will try it also:D

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