Male to female bodybuilder Chris Tina Bruce


transgender bodybuildingOur transgender bodybuilder Chris Tina Bruce or Christopher Gary Bruce was born in Washington DC, raised in Atlanta, Georgia and matured in Dallas, Texas. This male to female bodybuilder went from 230 lb. male bodybuilder to 180 lb. female fitness trainer and she can be proud of that!

But Chris Tina Bruce or also known as Christina Foxx had a normal life before becoming a transgender bodybuilder because she had a wife (his/her high school girlfriend), two kids and pursued her interest in fitness and bodybuilding, eventually achieving 230 pounds of muscle over that 6 foot 1 frame of her. Now we can say that those are big female muscles even if Chris Tina Bruce got to 180 pounds.

Chris Tina Bruce doesn`t like men!
christina bruce foxxThis transgender bodybuilder likes women and she usually dates bisexual or lesbian women. Chris Tina Bruce loves athletic women who work out, mostly fitness competitors and fitness models because she`s not that into real big bodybuilding women. This male to female bodybuilder likes girls that take care of themselves, that eat well and work out. Chris Tina Bruce (Christina Foxx) thinks that you don’t have to body build and be massive…just get to the gym. She has always been the health and fitness type and she likes to go to the gym.

She knows that she`ll always be a little bigger than average girls but Chris Tina Bruce doesn`t care what society thinks because she is doing this for her and for our eyes to see those female muscles.

Our transgender bodybuilder has been working out since she was 15 years old and she feels like crap if she misses two days in a row from the gym. Chris Tina Bruce`s (Christina Foxx`s) body is addicted to it.

Check out this photo gallery with Chris Tina Bruce`s muscles:

transgender bodybuilder
female muscle
transgender muscle
transgender bodybuilding

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One Response to “Male to female bodybuilder Chris Tina Bruce”

  • Bodybuilding fetish says:

    well this shemale bodybuilder is quite awkward. Freaky to get from a male to female especially when you’re a bodybuilder. 🙂 chris tina get it? 😀

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