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Benny Benassi feat. Chris Brown – Beautiful People

Benny Benassi feat. Chris Brown - Beautiful People High Quality I just love this song, doesn`t it give you plenty of energy and good mood? Sometimes you need this kind of music for a productive day in the gym when you need some pumped muscles. Everywhere i go the only thing i see is beautiful people :D By the way i think you should play the song in HD (high definition or high quality)

Monstrous, freaky, abnormal and huge arm photo!

Check out this photo of a monstrous, freaky, abnormal and huge arm that i`ve stumbled upon while lurking on the internet for fresh stuff on this muscle blog.We can see those veins pumping resembling to pipelines that are filled with gas and for those muscles i guess you really need some SUPER FUEL, anyway take a look at the photo/pic or whatever! Steroids are generally used for creating abnormal huge muscles but what the hell are those? :D

How to avoid hitting a workout plateau

I know that nowadays teens have more strength and it can be a bummer for you to see them hit those weights hard and strong while you`re plateauing at the same weight on the benchpress. This is why i should give you some tips on how to avoid hitting plateau in workout.Plateau workout strength muscles.. these are keywords that when combined they can give us a bad depression!If you are already in that pickle with the plateau workout strength muscles keywords you should know that supplements like cr...

Eat sandwiches you will save time and money!

First of all let me say how my aunt Bernice made me some just messing with you! :) We all know that bread is cheap and by heading to a deli supermarket you`ll find lots of good and cheap sandwich meat available for building muscles. When you`re going to a deli supermarket you`re lacking time or even money to prepare a whole meal because the main ingredients for that meal are sometimes very expensive. Now, with an economic crisis on our hands, muscles are hard to grow or even maintain so chicken,...