Night murderer of bodybuilders: Apnea


bodybuilders thick neckAn important side effect of bodybuilding is a stronger and thicker neck because of which you can become a victim of a night murderer, nocturnal apnea! Are you in danger during sleep? Well let`s find out some things about sleep apnea.

Imagine yourself sleeping in your bed. Suddenly you feel like someone has put a plastic bag on your head and you struggle to get free in order to breathe.. Finally after minutes that seemed to be hours you get free from that plastic bag and start breathing freely. Think of this as your apnea symptom because this is nocturnal apnea or the popular named sleep apnea.

If you experience this symptom my bodybuilder friend then you have to know that this is a serious illness.

What exactly is nocturnal apnea or sleep apnea?

Characterized by frequent interruptions of breath during sleep, apnea was defined as a condition of which its symptoms consist of breathing stops for ranging periods of time during sleep because of blockages of the respiratory tract. In fact in greek apnea means without air. The culprit is usually excessive and hanging tissue of the neck that blocks the respiratory tract that being the reason of sleep privation for bodybuilders.

bodybuilder sleep apnea

Anyone that has a narrow or blind jaw, short or thick neck can be exposed to nocturnal apnea or sleep apnea. Neck size is a pretty good sign to predict the predisposition to develop sleep apnea. If your neck is thicker than 43 cm, the risk is pretty high so this could be the reason for the frequent cases among bodybuilders.

How to treat sleep apnea or nocturnal apnea

  • get yourself a CPAP machine (continuous positive airway pressure). This machine is pumping air through a tube into a face mask.
  • surgery that consists in removing a part of the soft tissue from the palace, amygdala and the interior part of the neck in order to enlarge your airway
  • Bodybuilders all around be carefull with that sleep apnea and keep it real! 😀

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