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Shia LaBeouf on the cover of Details magazine

I think you remember that wimpy kid from the movie "The Greatest Game Ever Played". That scrawny Shia LaBeouf kid has transformed into a well proportioned man that hits the gym regularly and you can see that for yourself. Shia LaBeouf that didn't seem to work out, enjoy fitness, gain muscle mass or to have a healthy lifestyle is now being prepared to appear on the cover of renowned magazine Details in the August issue.. by the way, that magazine which Shia LaBeouf will represent promotes exac...

Escape The Fate – Something

Escape The Fate - Something Now look at me through clouded eyes, see the stars, see the sky and your workout gone to another level of intensity beyond your strength that can also help in building muscles. Workout song for the masses!

Tania Zamberlan shows abs and biceps

It looks like Tania Zamberlan has a lean, ripped, shredded body and her muscles are very well proportioned especially her abs as you can see from this shemuscle`s photo. Also Tania`s guns look a bit more powerful than your average Joe`s biceps. Even her necklines give Tania Zamberlan`s physique a statuesque look.

Sucker Punch: sexy dolls, workouts and training

Emily Browning or Baby Doll as you know her from the new movie Sucker Punch is a young girl that gets institutionalized by her abusive stepfather after killing her younger sister by mistake. After conceiving a plan and strategy in her imagination through an alternative reality, Emily Browning or Baby Doll together with Abbie Cornish as Sweet Pea, Jena Malone as Rocket, Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie and Jamie Chung as Amber try to escape from the mental facility beating anyone that stood in their w...

How to make creamy spinach dip for a good taste

Recipe for today: Creamy spinach dip for a good taste You can serve this creamy spinach dip recipe with crunchy vegetables or you can spread it on a sandwich whatever it works for you. Ingredients for Creamy spinach dip 10 ounce or more of chopped spinach because it`s the main ingredient 8 ounces of cream cheese 1 cup of sour cream 8 ounce or so of drained and chopped water chestnuts 1 cup of finely chopped red pepper for flavour and good taste in the creamy spinach dip re...

OutKast – Hey Ya!

OutKast - Hey Ya! Did you think that i will forget to post a workout song on this blog?? Well i`ll never forget that because we really need music when working out. Happy muscle building!

Gerard Butler hits the gym again!

After being seen in Barbados with a large flab instead of rock hard muscles Gerard Butler decided to hit the gym again as we can see in this new photo of him going home from his gym in Los Angeles. Gerard Butler, the scottish stud has lots of moments when he is fat or has a sculpted physique but people this isn`t the way to go because and remember, consistency is the key to keep your godlike body with lean muscle mass and low fat percentage! This isn`t like Forex with stocks when value gets hig...

Romanian bodybuilder Viorel Ristea died

Viorel Ristea a valuable romanian bodybuilder, died at only 29 years old, while asleep in his hotel room in Miami. Viorel Ristea or Schwarzenegger of Romania as he was called, was in Miami to compete at the Fitness Universe Weekend but he will never compete again... Some say that his death is related to the fact that he used steroids and others say that because of his strict diet, Viorel Ristea`s body succumbing to dehydration. Viorel Ristea`s dedication and ambition for bodybuilding were defini...

Anne Marie Lasserre in pink panties

Anne Marie Lasserre is sexy, powerful and also innocent. As a shemuscle Anne is quite perfect but she might want to try matching her shoulders with her triceps.Anne Marie Lasserre our blonde female bodybuilder is matching though her blonde hair colour and muscles with those sexy pink panties and pink top that makes you want to tear it off her!

Barbecued bean salad for bulking muscles

Recipe for today: Barbecued bean salad for bulking muscles Hello my bodybuilder friend, summer is here and i think you want to eat something good, nourishing and also something low fat so one good option for still growing muscles can be one barbecued bean salad! Ingredients for Barbecued bean salad recipe 1 can of barbeque style beans 1 can of pork style beans 1 can of red kidney beans and by now i think you`ve seen that beans have lots of protein and eating beans can easily gr...