Dorian Yates quotes before and after contests


dorian yates legendDorian Yates is a bodybuilding legend for sure and he kind of always won in different bodybuilding competitions but you know what?

Dorian Yates never was worried before bodybuilding contests or after them and Yates always gave surprising answers when he was asked if he was nervous, worried or anything before entering those contests because he was certain about his body, his muscles and his determination to win.

Dorian Yates: “If those guys with better genes trained as hard and intense as me, I wouldn`t stand a chance!”

Check out these quotes from Dorian Yates the hulk of bodybuilding in different situations:

  • When he was asked why doesn`t he jump up and down of joy when he wins bodybuilding contests or why isn`t he surprised of his victory, Dorian Yates said: “For me winning isn`t surprising at all”
  • After Dorian Yates`s victory from `96 at the Olympia bodybuilding competition: R: When did you know for sure that you will win? Dorian Yates:“12 months ago”
  • When a author said to Dorian Yates that he has never seen such a relaxed person with 48 hours before Mr. Olympia, Dorian said:“You would be relaxed too, if you looked like me”
  • When someone came to get Dorian Yates to a photo shoot, seeing a baby seat in the back of the car, Dorian said:“O, i see that you`re taking Shawn Ray to the photo shoot today too”
  • Another Dorian Yates quote:“There is no instinctive training. If you`d follow your instinct you`d never go under a 250 kg bar on the bench press. You`d rather go in a bar, get some beers and some women”
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