Gerard Butler hits the gym again!


gerard butler in shorts leaves the gymAfter being seen in Barbados with a large flab instead of rock hard muscles Gerard Butler decided to hit the gym again as we can see in this new photo of him going home from his gym in Los Angeles.

Gerard Butler, the scottish stud has lots of moments when he is fat or has a sculpted physique but people this isn`t the way to go because and remember, consistency is the key to keep your godlike body with lean muscle mass and low fat percentage! This isn`t like Forex with stocks when value gets high or low.. you have to keep your stocks permanently high so in other words keep your muscles in peak condition always because your body will suffer from sudden changes like Gerard`s.

Anyway take a look at a photo of Gerard Butler`s shirtless physique then (in Barbados island where he was fat) and now when he hits the gym again.

gerard butler shirtless muscles no fat

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