Romanian bodybuilder Viorel Ristea died


the death of viorel ristea in miami

Viorel Ristea a valuable romanian bodybuilder, died at only 29 years old, while asleep in his hotel room in Miami. Viorel Ristea or Schwarzenegger of Romania as he was called, was in Miami to compete at the Fitness Universe Weekend but he will never compete again…

Some say that his death is related to the fact that he used steroids and others say that because of his strict diet, Viorel Ristea`s body succumbing to dehydration. Viorel Ristea`s dedication and ambition for bodybuilding were defining for his career as a pro bodybuilder!

I only hope that the grief of his family will pass easily and the death of a great romanian bodybuilder, Viorel Ristea will be mourned by all the bodybuilders!

Here is a video of Viorel Ristea posing at Musclemania in Las Vegas

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