Bodybuilding calluses or corns, removing tips!


removing tips for calluses or corns

I guess as a bodybuilder that you’re working hard in the gym to gain pure muscles and you need sheer force for pumping those muscles of yours.

You need sheer force even when you grab a dumbbell bar or pullup bar but besides the forceful grasp of the bar you’ll always get those nasty bodybuilding calluses or corns and they’re painful i know and if you work out with them you can rip them off and bye bye gym for a week thus removing a big part of time from your essential workout. :D.

What are bodybuilding calluses or corns?
Strictly reffering to hands where you grip all kinds of bars and produce them you can define calluses or corns as any part of the skin exposed to friction over a long period of time. One example from wikipedia says that people often develop calluses on the middle finger of their dominant hand due to writing with a pen or pencil and it’s right.

Bodybuilding corns are specially-shaped calluses of dead skin that usually occurs on thin or hairless and smooth skin surfaces, especially on the dorsal surface of your bodybuilder fingers.

arnold removing calluses and cornsTips for removing calluses or corns occured from gripping bars while bodybuilding

  • you can buy bodybuilding gloves but if you already have calluses or corns it’s not a good ideea because you’ll sweat in the bodybuilding gloves and soak your skin especially the skin from calluses and corns. As a result you’ll remove them but in a painful way, believe me!!!
  • there are special razors for removing calluses or corns resulted from bodybuilding and you can find them on amazon
  • Some people say that pain is needed to progress like Arnold Schwarzenegger but while the saying “No pain no gain” is true you can’t be that stupid to be in pain at every workout, it will get you mad!

  • an ordinary pair of nail clippers might be another solution for removing calluses or corns resulted from bodybuilding
  • pumice stone that people use for their feet while showering
  • Removing calluses or corns resulted from intense bodybuilding does not fix the problem though because if you are lifting seriously they will always come back and haunt you my bodybuilder friend but feel free to use those removing tips for calluses and corns, they’ll help if your wife/husband doesn’t like those rough hands!

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