The human body muscles learning free game


the human body muscles learning free gameThis free game for learning body muscles is the perfect 45-60 min lesson that you will ever have. The human body is complex but you need to know your basic body muscles so it’s good for you to learn anatomy. So this free “learn the muscles game” can help teach basic human anatomy and it might be a perfect study material for students.

The human body muscles learning game is called Poke a Muscle and it’s simple as that! As it says in the game, you only have to poke Russell the Muscleman in the name of learning. The Poke a Muscle game is structured on 3 levels of difficulty and each level has the human body with two views of it, anterior and posterior. Also the two views are each separated in 2 learning branches, scan and poke.. in the scan part the major muscles in the body are shown to you and you have to remember them for the poke the muscle part.

The difficulty of the Poke a Muscle free learning game is rising with each level because at each one there are more and more human muscles to remember. Fascinating isn’t it? The human body of course. So if you’re a beginner in bodybuilding here is your chance to easily learn the major muscles in the body.


So here is the link for Poke a Muscle free learning game where i hope that you will learn anatomy at least the major muscles in the body and see the complexity of the human body.

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2 Responses to “The human body muscles learning free game”

  • Marichuy Manuela says:

    i think that this free game can help with learning the muscles from the human body, thanks i like it a lot

  • Gillian says:

    i will learn the human body muscles with poke a muscle game ty

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