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Limp Bizkit – Eat You Alive

As Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit says: You're gonna love this, play it! Well what are you waiting for, do you need a special something to play this workout music? Well i guess not, so just pump your muscles in the gym with it but don't eat anyone alive :D !

Jim Carrey in: Instructor Vera de Milo loves steroids

Check out the muscles on this funny steroids abusing female bodybuilder played by Jim Carrey. Vera de Milo loves her bodybuilding routines including her juice or steroids and that's why she sometimes does the horse thing with her lips :D. Here in Buffed Beautiful and Bitchin' you'll see a, at home workout with Vera de Milo to grow some rock hard muscles. Before she learned to exercise properly and be a bodybuilding instructor, Vera, our female bodybuilder was a poor excuse for a woman and she c...

Jessie Hilgenberg hot bodybuilder in tank top

Jessie Hilgenberg is another sexy shemuscle, a female bodybuilder that has biceps with giant veins running throughout. Jessie's striations from her shoulder muscles are nearly symmetrical with her ripped abs and, in combination with that hot black tank top she's astonishing. Jessie Hilgenberg surely has some strength lying around there judging from her huge triceps and don't you just think that her haircut is just perfect for her physique? Female bodybuilder haircut with a splash of blonde, a...

Eating hamburgers increases testosterone levels

If you want to know how to increase hormones especially your testosterone levels you have to eat some foods that contain cholesterol because cholesterol is the building block of testosterone and this is how you can gain more strength and muscle mass than those who follow lower-cholesterol diets. Still don't forget that if you always eat like that, your body will be a fat storing and also muscle building machine. Eating some fats like a tasty hamburger when working out for building muscle mass ...

Ludacris – Get Back

Ludacris - Get Back Listen to this workout music with Ludacris that has huge forearms i mean gigantic. Yes yes he tried to kill that guy with those colossus monster forearms that had a huge bling bling watch but even if Ludacris looked like Popeye the sailor man he still managed to appear very fit with shredded muscles. Hope that this workout song will get on your Ipod!

Yummy Cherry Cake for a sweet day

Recipe for today: Yummy Cherry Cake From time to time we can indulge ourselves with something sweet and today that something sweet is a yummy cherry cake that doesn't necessary need to be good for your muscles; it can just boost your energy levels :D. Ingredients for Yummy Cherry Cake: 6 eggs one pack of butter 8-10 tablespoons of sugar baking powder 1 vanilla sugar 400 gr of flour 1 cup of water or milk ( i recommend milk for this yummy cherry cake) lots of cherry How to ma...

Shemuscle Minna Pajulahti in a sexy short skirt

Minna Pajulahti is a sexy shemuscle that really has some great sculpted muscles, i mean she's got rocks instead of shoulders :) and Minna Pajulahti's abs look like someone carved them, she's like a sculpture. What could you want to see more except those sexy thighs of her with a sexy short skirt and alluring high heels on that perfect female bodybuilder body.

Dwayne Johnson’s Workout and Diet Plan is Rock’in

I guess that Dwayne got very lucky with his career but a lot of Dwayne Johnson's luck is related to his incredible body resulted from hard workouts and shredding diet plans because let's be honest here, Hollywood is always searching for pumped guys with brawn not brains and as i said, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is full of muscles as you can clearly see from the new movie Fast Five. Let's spice things up: Dwayne Johnson The Rock before and after transformation photos - He used STEROIDS! You can ...

Deftones – Be Quiet And Drive (far away)

Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)Be quiet and drive to the gym where i need to grow some muscles while listening to this song from a huge collection of songs for workout. Deftones.. oh yeah be quiet and drive far away, forget about everything and just concentrate on your workouts but don't forget about your workout songs.

Old funny lard ads. Lard, fat and healthy muscles!

As you can see from these funny photos that appeared in 1957, the more lard you eat the more beautiful, happier or in love you get but we all know that lard is bad for a healthy physique with low body fat and strong muscles. Are we sure of that fact? Is lard bad for a healthy body? The old lard ads can have a bit of truth even if they make us smile 'cause they're funny. If we check the composition of lard we can see that lard is healthy in a way or another because: it contains more monounsa...