Cedric McMillan’s back workout and army gym


US army cedric mcmillan bodybuilderIf you search the web for Cedric McMillan you’ll surely find his website from where you can see that his strongest body part is his back as someone said: “Cedric has a tiny waist, wide shoulders, and huge super wide freaky back muscles” but he is not that perfect because his winnings from bodybuilding competitions speak for themselves.

Cedric McMillan’s back is well sculpted and big maybe even imposing but he had years of training as a bodybuilder beginning by messing around since he was about 15 years old, serious training for 10 and competing for 5 years with his improved soldier muscles.

cedric mcmillan back workout bodybuildingCedric is in the military as an US army instructor teaching leadership courses and when he was deployed in Iraq he didn’t have a gym to work out.. what did he do? Cedric McMillan that has a huge back obtained with hard workouts, built himself a gym out of wood and broken down army vehicle parts :).

McMillan doesn’t do anything fancy for his back muscles when working out. He just sticks to the basics, mostly free-weight rows and pulldowns as you can see from his back workout.

Cedric McMillan’s Back Workout Routine

  • Barbell rows with 4-5 sets involving 12-8 reps each set
  • Wide grip pulldowns with 3-4 sets involving 10-12 reps each set
  • Low cable rows with 3-4 sets involving 8-10 reps each set
  • Close grip pulldowns with 3-4 sets involving 10-12 reps each set
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