Jim Carrey in: Instructor Vera de Milo loves steroids


Check out the muscles on this funny steroids abusing female bodybuilder played by Jim Carrey. Vera de Milo loves her bodybuilding routines including her juice or steroids and that’s why she sometimes does the horse thing with her lips :D. Here in Buffed Beautiful and Bitchin’ you’ll see a, at home workout with Vera de Milo to grow some rock hard muscles.

Before she learned to exercise properly and be a bodybuilding instructor, Vera, our female bodybuilder was a poor excuse for a woman and she couldn’t tear a telephone book in half but now as a strong healthy female bodybuilder on steroids she really impresses everyone :).

Okay but now try to do what Vera de Milo says! Let’s start with a stretch, see how their big breasts weigh them down hahaaa you can’t float if you don’t get rid of those sinkers. Vera de Milo encourages us to eat a healthy breakfast but her breakfast is more concentrated in steroids than in food and her secret for a strong flat championship chest is press bombardment with maximum weight as a strong female bodybuilder that she is! 😀 Check out this video from youtube with Jim Carrey playing Vera de Milo in Buffed Beautiful and Bitchin’, it’s really hilarious.

Vera de Milo personal bodybuilding instructor video

Grow your muscles in Vera de Milo’s style because i’ll put more videos of Vera de Milo in the near future for your amusement training.

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One Response to “Jim Carrey in: Instructor Vera de Milo loves steroids”

  • lino says:

    hahaha vera de milo is a fantastic female bodybuilder on steroids!thanks!funny video

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