Old funny lard ads. Lard, fat and healthy muscles!


vintage lard ad for healthy bodyAs you can see from these funny photos that appeared in 1957, the more lard you eat the more beautiful, happier or in love you get but we all know that lard is bad for a healthy physique with low body fat and strong muscles. Are we sure of that fact? Is lard bad for a healthy body? The old lard ads can have a bit of truth even if they make us smile ’cause they’re funny.

If we check the composition of lard we can see that lard is healthy in a way or another because:

  • it contains more monounsaturated fats (thus meaning “good” fats) than sunflower oil or corn oil so lard is healthy for muscles
  • lard has more polyunsaturated fats that are also “good” fats than olive oil so the old funny lard ads can be true too and not just a selling strategy of the british lard marketing board.
  • Lard also has thirty percent less saturated fat than butter so what do you want more from this healthy lard from the ads?
  • I’m not telling you to eat large amounts of lard but a little bit lard can’t do you harm even if it’s not such a muscle friend. I hope you enjoyed viewing the funny lard ads from the british lard marketing board. Vintage style!

    eat lard be happy

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    2 Responses to “Old funny lard ads. Lard, fat and healthy muscles!”

  • Thinker Man says:

    hahaaaa these are really funny lard ads. I’m old too but didn’t know them and i still use lard for cooking

  • Beauty Lard body fat says:

    it’s funny how lard gets so much publicity. I preffer lard rather than oil or butter though.. anyway the ads are amusing

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