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Muscle building protein and banana loaves

Recipe for today: Protein and Banana Loaves If you don't want to go bananas with all kinds of bread that can make you gain unnecessary weight that meaning fat not muscles :) you can try baking your own batch of loaves, protein banana loaves to be more exactly (protein for building muscles, bananas for carbs or energy :D). Ingredients for muscle building protein and banana loaves: 1/3 cup water 3 egg whites 1 scoop of banana flavored protein powder 1 1/3 scoop vanilla flavored protein...

Cedric McMillan’s back workout and army gym

If you search the web for Cedric McMillan you'll surely find his website from where you can see that his strongest body part is his back as someone said: "Cedric has a tiny waist, wide shoulders, and huge super wide freaky back muscles" but he is not that perfect because his winnings from bodybuilding competitions speak for themselves. Cedric McMillan's back is well sculpted and big maybe even imposing but he had years of training as a bodybuilder beginning by messing around since he was about ...

Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly This alternative rock workout song makes me want to be at the beginning of my gym days when i was so eager to learn all the muscle building exercises and how to have proper form when doing them.. Huhh memories.. :D. The Foo Fighters band does a great job at teaching us how to fly and the video from "learn to fly" is very funny too.