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Hoobastank – Out of control

Hoobastank - Out of control I just love these songs for workout and the amateur video from this song is awesome with some fight scenes from the movie never back down where you can see some talented street fighters with packed muscles that give them agility and pure force. By the way that hot blonde girl from the video and her yellow bikinis can be another reason or motivation for some guys to get some lean chiseled muscles :D.

Marie Silmäri, sexy shemuscle on a dumbbell rack

Bodybuilding would of been so dull without female bodybuilders like Marie Silmäri.. When you work out it's nice to see a hot sexy shemuscle like Marie sitting on a dumbbell rack looking at you with a flirtatious glance :D. It will surely give you a boost of confidence and a shot of adrenaline to continue pumping those muscles in a hardcore workout! Oh and just look at her shredded back, shoulders and triceps.. don’t you just love bulging muscles?

Can’t do pull ups? Improve pull ups now!

Hi, i'm thinking that if you're reading the article then you can't do pull ups and you're wondering how to improve pull ups.. You're in the right spot! If your pull ups really suck you can substitute them with other exercises that strengthen your upper body in order to improve pull ups and this is not hard at all, you'll become a pull up master in a jiffy. When you can't do pull ups the weak areas are your back, shoulders, biceps and in a small part, your forearm muscles. How to improve pu...

Skillet – Hero

Skillet - Hero (Video) This really is a super workout song on which you can feel your blood rushing through your veins and pumping your muscles. Who's gonna fight for what's right, who's gonna help us survive, a hero is gonna save me just in time!!! :D

Female bodybuilder squats more than a man

Check out this shemuscle, can you beat her squats? This female bodybuilder has hamstrings of iron and thighs of carbon fiber :D .. she can easily overtake a medium bodybuilder at squats, what the heck, muscles rull and you can see the sheer brute force that you can get from well built muscles even without steroids like in this photo of the female bodybuilder that squats more than a man.

Protein chocolate peanut butter fudge recipe

Recipe for today: Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge This delicious dessert with the added peanut butter gives you plenty of extra protein and good fats for a healthy bodybuilding recipe. Ingredients for Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe peanut butter unsweetened baking chocolate squares artificial sweetener splenda chocolate protein powder salt chopped peanuts for extra protein that get you extra muscles How to prepare Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge...

Gerard Butler gets skinny!

I think that you're used to Gerard Butler being big and full of muscles from all the weightlifting and other training for movies like 300 or you're used seeing him fat because Gerard Butler gets kind of lazy sometimes between movies but now .. now Gerard, the 41 year old Scottish actor got through a drastic weight loss program till he got really skinny or thin. So Gerard Butler and his lean muscle physique got to look like an average thin person that seems dull but the ladies still love him eve...

Pre-Fight Hype:It’s Goin’ Down

Pre-Fight Hype: It's Goin' Down Songs for workout for those who like goin' down ! I think that you will enjoy this energy pumping workout song in your ipods earphones while doing some back exercises to become a beast with muscles!

Steroids are safe!

Yes, steroids are safe but only in the eyes of those who take them for a variety of reasons such as: guys who think steroids are safe fear they won’t get noticed by the right women without them to help them gain lean muscle mass teenagers from 9th to 12th grade that also think that steroids are safe, take them for more strength to get noticed by their coaches or instructors even for team approval sometimes. some beginner bodybuilders believe that steroids are safe and use them because ...

Funny homemade bodybuilding video fail

If you have a sense of humor i think that you will find this youtube video very funny even though it's a little shocking. A young wannabe bodybuilder guy and his eager friends from the video tried to do something to put on some lean muscles on them but they failed. They thought that making their own bodybuilding equipment including a homemade barbell would be a great ideea so the first thing that these amusing guys did was that funny homemade barbell trying to feel like in a gym. They even trie...