Can’t do pull ups? Improve pull ups now!


improve pull ups easyHi, i’m thinking that if you’re reading the article then you can’t do pull ups and you’re wondering how to improve pull ups.. You’re in the right spot!

If your pull ups really suck you can substitute them with other exercises that strengthen your upper body in order to improve pull ups and this is not hard at all, you’ll become a pull up master in a jiffy. When you can’t do pull ups the weak areas are your back, shoulders, biceps and in a small part, your forearm muscles.

How to improve pull ups:

The basic exercises that you should start with for improving your upper body strength when you can’t do pull ups are simple:

outdoor pull ups

  • dumbbell rows and front pulldowns (if you go to a gym) for your back. These exercises will surely help you in your journey for improving pull ups.
  • try some shoulder press exercises for growing shoulder muscles ’cause it will help you gain strength when needing to pull up your body weight if you can’t do pull ups.
  • one last exercise that you can use for brute force needed to improve pull ups would be barbell curls that grow your biceps.
  • These exercises are BASIC ones (the ones that you really need if you can’t do pull ups). You can also try some other tips for complex upper body strength improvement like:

  • try losing weight if you’re fat! (more fat means more weight that you have to pull up)
  • try to use some negative pull ups. Negatives mean that you only have to slowly lower yourself all the way down but patiently waiting for 6-7 seconds while hanging. When pulling up you can use a chair, spotter, anything that helps you get your chin over the bar, you just have to do the negatives correctly.This will help your arms get used to sustain your body weight thus to improve pull ups if you can’t do them.
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    One Response to “Can’t do pull ups? Improve pull ups now!”

  • Peanuts have protein says:

    i’ve gained weight but using these techniques for improving my pull ups i can’t notice the weight difference, you rock!

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