Gerard Butler gets skinny!


why did gerard butler get skinny thinI think that you’re used to Gerard Butler being big and full of muscles from all the weightlifting and other training for movies like 300 or you’re used seeing him fat because Gerard Butler gets kind of lazy sometimes between movies but now .. now Gerard, the 41 year old Scottish actor got through a drastic weight loss program till he got really skinny or thin.

So Gerard Butler and his lean muscle physique got to look like an average thin person that seems dull but the ladies still love him even with small muscles don’t you worry because there is a reason why he lost that weight 😀 .. Gerard is now fit but his jokes are the same and all women think that he’s still charming when he says that the last meal that he ate was in October or that he runs about 40 miles a day.

Gerard Butler left the weightlifting equipment for bodybuilders and he:

  • started doing a lot of cardio
  • is now watching what he eats
  • is doing yoga (imagine that, Gerard Butler doing yoga but don’t worry this slim skinny program is for a movie too, a movie with lots of surfing where everybody is thin and fit)
  • Photos of Gerard Butler Thin and Fit (maybe even skinny)

    weight loss program for gerard butler
    reason why gerard butler got slim and thin

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    One Response to “Gerard Butler gets skinny!”

  • Alexei Moskvia says:

    so if Gerard Butler got rid of muscles and now he s skinny why shouldn’t like him? No no we like gerard butler skinny haha fit and thin as i saw on a site earlier

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