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12 Stones – Far Away

12 Stones - Far Away I was thinking that you would like to hear one of my new songs for workout and here it is, 12 stones far away so the only thing you have to do remains to get far away with your workout and muscles.

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well it's my birthday today and i'm gonna take a break for a day because i'll have some fun with my friends and a couple of beers and yes i know alcohol is bad for muscle gaining but who cares now, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

Quick shrimp salad recipe for muscles

Recipe for today: Quick Shrimp Salad for Bulging Muscles Did you go for a short and intense workout at the gym? Are you hungry but tired and in no mood for a cooked meal even though you have to build some muscles like a competitive bodybuilder does? Well try this quick shrimp salad recipe, it may help! Ingredients for Quick Shrimp Salad 10 to 15 shrimps with removed tails 2 cups of fresh spinach 4 button mushrooms 2 tablespoons of olive oil based salad dressing 3-4 cherry tomatoes ...