Steroids are safe!


safe steroid usage

Yes, steroids are safe but only in the eyes of those who take them for a variety of reasons such as:

  • guys who think steroids are safe fear they won’t get noticed by the right women without them to help them gain lean muscle mass
  • teenagers from 9th to 12th grade that also think that steroids are safe, take them for more strength to get noticed by their coaches or instructors even for team approval sometimes.
  • some beginner bodybuilders believe that steroids are safe and use them because they think that they won’t be able to compete against the solid muscles, strength and weights lifted by veteran pro bodybuilders that stack up on steroids all the time with different cycles.
  • But in fact steroids are as safe as having sex with an one armed hooker without a condom!

    Do you know why?

  • first of all steroids are illegal even though some guys think that steroids are safe from the law’s point of view and you can get caught if you buy steroids online.
  • you’ll get an aggressive behaviour or roid rage
  • problems with testosterone levels and other issues like gynecomastia (woman tits)
  • baldness, excessive hair growth in other parts other than on your head πŸ˜€ etc.
  • Steroid abuse by beginner bodybuilders, athletes etc. allows a false sense of accomplishment because strength improves, they gain lean muscle mass and mentally a sense of power is induced by the excessive usage of roids. So if you think that steroids are safe just for the above reasons, think that after quitting steroids you will install fatigue, mood swings, reduced sex drive, restlessness, insomnia and the worst of them: a quick loss of muscle size and strength!

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    3 Responses to “Steroids are safe!”

  • Dan The Man says:

    nice way to tell us about the safety of steroids πŸ˜€

  • beginner bodybuilder jack says:

    the approach of steroids are safe article is ambiguous but it’s funny, we all know that steroids aren’t safe and the abuse of them it’s not worth it

  • Alice Profitness says:

    stay clean, don’t use steroids even if a bodybuilder tells you that there’s no real risk !

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