Bianca La Russa’s cheerleading injury with bad luck


cheerleading injuryTony La Russa’s daughter is super hot and sexy and you know her from the cheerleading Raiderettes, yeap the Oakland Raiders Raiderettes to be more precise and her name is Bianca La Russa.

When you think of a cheerleader with a stunning body like Bianca La Russa you usually don’t think about the hard work that cheerleaders have to put up with in order to get that extra mobility, agility, energy and those all important muscles packed on their female frame without getting injured.

Through hard workouts, training and diet plans, cheerleaders like Bianca La Russa try to stay in shape and safe but as you’ve seen on the news.. Bianca got injured badly and now she has three herniated discs and/or degenerative disc disease so she’s on the bench for a while or even more than that… Cheerleading is one of the most dangerous sports according to a ABC report:

In 2008 there were 30.000 cheerleading related emergency room visits!

Remember, it takes the same amount of dedication to cheerlead as it takes to be a bodybuilder or a fighter and the risks of injury are the same..

bianca la russa end of cheerleading career
career break for bianca la russa

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One Response to “Bianca La Russa’s cheerleading injury with bad luck”

  • High School Cheerleader says:

    i am a high school cheerleader as well and i know how easy it is to get a injury i broke my leg at training so this sucks. Wish Bianca La Russa the best of luck and to recover from her injury

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