Bodybuilding mistakes. Kids are lame spotters!


Well bodybuilding for kids is a lame mistake for one reason: KIDS DON’T TAKE BODYBUILDING SERIOUSLY If you’re not careful you can injure yourself badly and the kids from this bodybuilding video prove it.

When you’re in the gym you have to be serious, concentrate and focus on your exercises if you don’t want to make a mistake. If you’re cautious in the gym you’ll never have problems like this kid’s squat fail with a stupid spotter. I totally agree with the video’s description: Maxed out weights on kids are not the best solution in bodybuilding squats.

I mean, his two big mistakes were:

  • he chose a lame spotter (even stupid). How the F can you dance as a spotter behind a skinny guy with too much weight on the bar?
  • the kid put too much weight on the bar and he could’ve injured his back badly on this stupid squat fail
  • Check out this Kids Squat Fail With a Stupid Spotter Video

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    2 Responses to “Bodybuilding mistakes. Kids are lame spotters!”

  • Weightlifting for kids says:

    if you want your kid to take bodybuilding seriously you must make him know about the benefits of this sport, knowledge about muscles and how he can injure himself and that is a lame spotter man! stupid gym wannabes

  • Big Bad Wolf says:

    I hate that stupid kid. He needs to be force worked.

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