Chris Evans’s Muscle Workout And Diet Plan


chris evans recruitment rejectDo you think that Chris Evans gone through some kind of military workout training like in the movie for Captain America? Well no, even if he had a role that had something to do with the army, lieutenants, captains and colonels where Chris had to survive some military basic training for an experimental program that involved getting some shots or injections with a serum that grows muscle tissue or muscle mass without needing to work out and gives sheer brute force.

Another part of the experimental military program was to get through some radiations that grow the skeletal structure to increase his height because Chris Evans was playing the role of a skinny and short guy for his height that didn’t work out a bit, just like a wimpy kid.

chris evans workout and diet without steroidsSo after that experiment Captain America was born and Chris Evans miraculously got some huge muscles with crazy v-shape washboard abs without any workout but in reality his muscles were built with bodybuilding based exercises and a good diet plan as we’ve seen at hollywood stars. By the way i’ve read an article a long time ago that Nazis really did try to make the perfect soldier doing experiments on soldiers with injections with different mixes of substances and by the way that serum that Captain America or Chris Evans was injected with, resembles with our nowadays steroids.

The Nazis, after doing those experiments on soldiers for gaining strength, muscles and invincibility, found a way to produce steroids so after some serious funds investment from the Nazi Government in the Second World War they were produced!

So Captain America’s muscles were born with a bunch of needles full of steroids and not through workout and diet plan but for Chris Evans that’s not the case.

Chris Evans’s Workout for Rock Hard Muscles Without Steroids

Chris Evans pushed himself to gain those muscles but the training he worked on was weight training not some kind of military training just like i’ve told you earlier.

  • Chris got buffed up with a trainer from london that made him a course of basic but brutal training that lasted a couple of hours per workout in a day.
  • for the scene where Evans transformed into Captain America with minutes before filming he was training to be pumped up and add a more positive impact in his transformation from the movie. Everytime the director said cut in that scene, Chris Evans would go and workout a bit more by lifting weights and doing push ups.
  • judging by his body, a lot of his training went to the upper body especially his shoulders, back and chest muscles for wich he used regular bodybuilding exercises.
  • chris evans military workout dietA simple workout routine that can give you aproximately the same results (besides the diet) could be:

  • deadlifts 4 sets with 8 reps
  • split squats (meaning squatting on each leg with weights of course) 4 sets with 10 reps
  • triceps extensions 4 sets with 12 reps
  • seated shoulder press 4 sets with 9-10 reps
  • all three types of bench press for huge Captain America chest 4 sets (each type of bench press) with 10 reps
  • dumbbell lateral raises 3 sets with 10 reps
  • bicep curls 4 sets with 12 reps
  • combine 2-3 ab exercises in supersets
  • Chris Evans’s Diet Plan for Captain America the hope against Nazis and Hydra

    While Chris’s workout was continuous for this movie, his diet plan was tormenting him :D. He was eating all the time but not cheeseburgers.. only naked pieces of chicken and rice, fruits, nothing fried but his body needed that kind of food for building muscles without steroids because he wasn’t that lucky as Captain America was with that experimental procedure that was so crucial for the head of Hydra in building his army of super nazi soldiers.

    So our military rejected little Steve Rogers kept consuming proteins for that huge, chiseled and muscled physique achieved with hard workouts!

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    10 Responses to “Chris Evans’s Muscle Workout And Diet Plan”

  • I Love Chris Evans says:

    i loved the movie all the 2 hours of it. Chris Evans was so sexy after the transformation into Captain America haha ( now i know that he had to keep a diet plan and workout).. too bad that he didn’t go at the date with the beautiful lieutenant 🙁

  • Peter Danton says:

    hey man what’s with those freakish muscles on chris, he’s went from skinny to a bulkin guy

  • Liam Dinur says:

    i think that chris evans went a little overboard with some steroids but he has a nice body

  • Mia wovs Captain America says:

    he’s got too much testosterone levels in my opinion :)) lol

  • Chris evans shirtless says:

    chris evans was hot in what’s your number too when he was on that basketball field all shirtless with that toned body and chiseled muscles

  • John Malcom says:

    chris evans changed a lot from not another teen movie. Evans’s workout resembles to mine but my diet plan lacks of seriousness

  • Dillian Bob says:

    nice video of chris’s workout, yes chris was a dork but that short video makes me wanna hit the gym more often

  • Lil' Andrew says:

    how can you get muscles like chris evans in the movie what’s your number if you eat like him in that movie :)) i mean he ate only chinese and pizzas not so much of a diet plan. Strong workout to manage that carb intake

  • Joel Edmondo says:

    i liked chris evans’s beard from the movie the losers. it fits just right with those muscles

  • Allain martin says:

    Your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to read this article about chris evans. nice writing!

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