How to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was young


arnold playing soccer on the beach Like many other bodybuilders from the golden age of bodybuilding when steroids were used widely, Arnold Schwarzenegger got an awesome physique with the help of steroids like the well known Dianabol or romanian Naposim, a very popular steroid in that time.

“Hmm, yeah yeah but i can’t take steroids to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was young!” Is this a thought that flows through your head right now?

Well you have to know that Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t obtain that lean muscle mass without working out and having a strict diet plan, he didn’t even take steroids till he was in his late 20’s.. In his youth, Arnold was skinny like all beginner bodybuilders or rookies and he practiced just one sport before bodybuilding: Soccer!

arnold schwarzenegger teen in schoolHe also loved riding his bike a lot so he had the fundamental cardio knowledge 😀 . For example when Arnold was young and began with his bodybuilding career, his neighbours brought him all the time products like milk and eggs just to help him out because eggs and milk are essential for building those huge muscles that you dream of.

So looking at some photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger you can see that he can be a role model in bodybuilding even if he didn’t look like Jay Cutler or Phil Heath.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had great proportions and if you are a beginner bodybuilder and want to sculpt a classical physique like Arnold’s here’s what you have to do.

Tips on how to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was young without steroids

  • keeping bodyparts in balance is easy when you forget using scales to measure your progress. Instead just take a look at you in the mirrors more often or use photos to measure your progress.
  • maintaining a slim waistline like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was young have never been so easy, you just have to prioritize some of your proportions. If you train your weak areas first and more often than your strong ones you are on the right path for the Arnold Schwarzenegger look. Keep the strongest areas last and always take your time to see the spots where you’re weak or strong for symmetrical proportions.
  • arnold young before steroids

  • keep your washboard abs shredded and preserve that v-shape by limiting your body fat because if you get all bulky and mushy then your ideal on how to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was young is going down the drain. See, you don’t need steroids!
  • use synergetic lifts with supersets because, for example when you train your biceps and triceps in a synergetic way more parts from your arms will be trained so you will create a flowing physique instead of a collection of bodyparts with muscles. Use compound basics like bench presses, pullovers etc.
  • eat healthy and train your abs at least twice a week. V-shaped washboard abs will surely make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was young.
  • the last but not the least..try some circuit training sometimes by using dumbbells or body weight and avoid using machines. Place them near one another to avoid having some time to rest because that’s the thing with circuit training, you need a elevated heart rate if you want it to work.
  • Photos with Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was young and restless 😀

    arnold shoulder training steroids free
    beginning of bodybuilding career
    young arnold with muscles
    rookie in bodybuilding

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    One Response to “How to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was young”

  • Arnold Fans says:

    how to look like arnold young… hmm big bulking biceps nice hamstrings, awesome abs huge chest and a big back. all these muscles are kind of hard to obtain without steroids schwarzenegger style!

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