Matt Schulze’s workout and diet plan


matt workout for fast fiveMatt Schulze is a medium actor but he’s got talent and the bad guy roles really suit him like a glove. Matt played in movies like the Fast and Furious franchise and others like Torque, Blade or Transporter..

Along the road Matt Schulze needed some lean muscles so he went to the gym where he had intense workouts to put on almost 70 pounds of muscle through the years ooh and of course a diet plan was needed too.

Matt Schulze’s Workout for shredded muscles in bad guy roles

It seems that Matt Schulze mixed bodybuilding exercises with cardio and another kind of body workouts: suspension training that uses resistance exercises with the help of cables.

These cable resistance exercises were invented by navy seals when they were in places around the world and didn’t have gyms to workout because you can hang these cables everywhere so Matt Schulze could work out on sets too to strengthen his core, abs, biceps, shoulders and triceps. In the latest Fast Five you could see Matt Schulze really bulked, a hunk for ladies.

Here is a sample of suspension training with resistance exercises that Matt uses in his workout routines:

Matt Schulze’s Diet Plan for a ripped body with lean muscle mass

To be successful in bodybuilding exercises and other resistance training Matt Schulze has a similar diet plan to all celebrities that consists in:protein and multivitamin foods or fruits, some supplements but not too much.

So eggs, oatmeal, lean meat, chicken breasts, bananas and other similar foods and fruits are good for building muscles like Matt Schulze did in his period of acting in bad guy roles and don’t forget about that important protein shake 😀 .

Matt Schulze’s muscles small photo gallery

matt schulze muscles
matt schulze tattoo muscles
bulked muscle matt schulze fast five

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3 Responses to “Matt Schulze’s workout and diet plan”

  • Lilo Pilo says:

    omg matt schulze is so sexy and just look at his musclessss i love himmm, wish that my bf would work out and have a diet plan. Oh well at least my bf has tattoos like matt :))

  • Matt Fast Five says:

    dudeeeee you have extraordinary articles matt schulze is rockin’ with his workout and diet plan he’s got charm and good looks

  • Eleanor Endeavour says:

    Some really interesting info about Matt Schulze’s workout and diet to get that body from fast five

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