Mr. Olympia Phil Heath before and after Olympia with videos


phil heath teen years before bodybuildingOur bodybuilder idol Phil Heath, after winning the 2011 Olympia title beating Jay Cutler and Kai Greene (with the help of steroids of course), got a huge amount of publicity from big sites like Yahoo, Aol, JetMag with photos of him before bodybuilding when Phil was a basketball player but still did have muscles and after he began working out in a serious matter for bodybuilding competitions.

After the Mr. Olympia competition from 2011, Lee Haney said that Phil Heath was in a great shape and that his presentation was flawless. Lee Haney also said about Phil Heath that his personality makes him a great champion!

phil heath young with jay cutlerAlong with the Mr. Olympia title Phil Heath also got a 200,000 dollar check and the right to be called the King of Bodybuilding (at least for one year)! :D. Phil Heath took bodybuilding by the horns with his charisma and professional approach and he won a Mr. Olympia title but before that he was in the Denver men’s basketball team from 1998 to 2002 and after that he got the Mr. O..

Check out this photo of Jay Cutler with Phil Heath from 2003, do you think that Jay even thought that Phil Heath will beat him on the stage in Las Vegas for the Mr. Olympia in 2011? I think not, he was considering Phil Heath as a fan but Phil showed him with the help of a bodybuilder’s friend – the steroid and diet plan 😀 .

Here’s a funny video of Phil Heath talking about his career and also mentioning his skinnier days as a basketball player.

So Phil Heath trained his muscles and achieved the body fat of a champion in years of hard work but it was worth it as you can see in this video of Phil Heath side by side with Jay Cutler at the 2011 Mr. Olympia!!!

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4 Responses to “Mr. Olympia Phil Heath before and after Olympia with videos”

  • phil heath legend bodybuilding says:

    phil heath was skinny in the past but when he was a basketball player he got a bunch of muscles packed on him and through time with steroids workout and proper nutrition he got to win the Mr. olympia. before and after isn’t relevant at all

  • Passive attack against phil heath says:

    hmmm phil heath got a little more bigger than jay cutler in muscle size with steroids in 8 years :)) i don t think that his muscles are real pure hard work without steroids

  • Aaron Prostol says:

    Before pro bodybuilding, Phil looked okay but now he is a GOD!

  • Sara T. says:

    Phil Heath was in his top form at the 2011 Mr. Olympia but at the Mr. Olympia 2012.. he wasn’t as good, maybe Kai Greene should’ve won!

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