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Redlight King – Bullet In My Hand

Redlight King - Bullet In My Hand It's good to have workout songs to choose from when you're in the gym trying to work out on that special beat! I really think that lean muscle gaining is enhanced by your good mood that comes from listening a great workout song like this one from Redlight King :D !

Maria Rita Penteado female bodybuilder goddess

She is a shemuscle goddess that loves bodybuilding.. Maria Rita Penteado's glutes and thighs make some of the guys from the gym go mad. Take a good look.. she has well rounded shoulders with shredded delts and man o man that ass is so sexy!!!

Almond butter turkey sandwich for a quick meal

Recipe for today: Almond Butter Turkey Sandwich for a quick Meal Did you know that almond butter is healthier than peanut butter and it can grow muscles just the same with its proteins and healthy fats? This almond butter turkey sandwich is full of protein and it's the fastest and healthiest meal that a bodybuilder can eat after or before the gym if he's in a hurry. Ingredients for Almond Butter Turkey Sandwich Recipe 2 slices of ezekiel bread 2 tablespoons of almond butter 4-5 slices ...

Bianca La Russa’s cheerleading injury with bad luck

Tony La Russa's daughter is super hot and sexy and you know her from the cheerleading Raiderettes, yeap the Oakland Raiders Raiderettes to be more precise and her name is Bianca La Russa. When you think of a cheerleader with a stunning body like Bianca La Russa you usually don't think about the hard work that cheerleaders have to put up with in order to get that extra mobility, agility, energy and those all important muscles packed on their female frame without getting injured. Through hard wo...