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Sexy Julie Bonnett in a very small G-string

Julie Bonnett a WBFF Pro Fitness World Champ Runner-up has an almost flawless body or physique and you can see that from this awesome photo of her. Our shemuscle Julie Bonnett is a fitness personality and trainer with a well proportioned body, alluring chest, some ripped abs and a gorgeous small g-string to show it all. She's just perfect overall and she also has a nice tan to top it off!

How did Richard Jackson get the nickname “Tricky”?

Richard Tricky Jackson is a 43 year old bodybuilder and he is a relic in the eyes of novices that are a lot more younger than him but the fire from his blood and the ascending trajectory of his life still inspires them to worship him. How do you think that Richard Jackson got that slick nickname "Tricky"? This is from where the nickname "Tricky" comes: Richard Jackson's nickname became a part of his identity in 3 phases: When Richard was in high school, break dance was popular and he was a...

Funny bodybuilder caricature lifting a cow!

As the caricature says, did you know that the weight lifting record is 472.5 kg? By the way that's heavier than a cow :D so bodybuilders tend to be quite powerful if they put their minds into it! Yes, that bodybuilder looks like a bald neanderthal but he's a strong neanderthal and that's the charm of a caricature :)

Four Year Strong – Just Drive

Four Year Strong - Just Drive If you missed a good workout song here's one from Four Year Strong... You can get so strong in four years of training in the gym without steroids, day by day by day by day.. :D Keep your muscles in the rhythm, just work out!

Newsflash! Calcium increases testosterone levels for bigger muscles!

If you want to increase your testosterone levels and therefore build muscles, latest researches show that you need lots of calcium in your bodybuilding diet for increasing hormone levels. We all know or we should know that testosterone is the king of hormones for muscle gaining and numerous researches show that a high testosterone level intensifies the protein synthesis and therefore you get more muscle mass, a shorter recovery time and a big libido. But what's with the calcium and testost...

Pumpkin like shoulder muscles on female bodybuilder

Now Maria Rita Penteado after a short and intense shemuscle workout got some huge shoulder muscles and if you look carefully, her shoulder resembles with a Halloween pumpkin but in a good f%$#ing way :D for a hardcore female bodybuilder that she is. Well i'm done counting her shoulder muscles.. 5 pieces of muscle tissue are growing together under that skin with low fat!

Bodybuilder and teacher Mike Katz – photo gallery

Mike Katz is another bodybuilding legend that also appeared in the well known movie Pumping Iron. He didn't get that much fame and the best title that he won was at the 1976 Mr. Olympia where he placed 4th in the heavyweight division. At that contest he was in his peak form. At a height of 6'1" his competition weight was 240 lb. and the off season weight was between 250 and 260 lb. In that time Mike Katz along with other bodybuilders was called gay, narcissistic, muscle-bound or any of the othe...

How to set up smith machine for proper decline bench press

The targeted muscles for proper decline bench press at the smith machine are the chest muscles focusing on the lower chest and triceps. The decline bench press at the smith machine is an exercise where you put heavy weights and the decline bench at the smith machine is usually done at the beginning of your workout. For complete exhaustion of your chest muscles after doing decline bench press you should try standard barbell or dumbbell bench presses at normal bench or incline bench but this is n...

Limp Bizkit – Boiler

Limp Bizkit - Boiler A workout song that begins with a hot robot chick, continues with a hamburger full of worms (that's because Fred Durst tries to make us understand that fast food isn't good for a low body fat! :D ) and goes on with some ugly girls and a chasing of Fred but yeah, the video doesn't have anything to do with bodybuilding.Still this is one of the songs for workout that can be a great testosterone enhancer for bulking up your muscles in the gym without steroids!

Katka Kyptova’s sexy glutes in the swimming pool

If you look at this hot shemuscle more closely you can see the definition of her huge back and the rounded ass that just makes you go crazy. The combination of her huge triceps with that huge back and astonishing definition of muscles makes her body look like pieces of rocks glued together on her frame. Steroids or not, Katka Kyptova has a sensuality of her own with a chiseled, muscular female back and a exciting g-string on that great butt.