How did Richard Jackson get the nickname “Tricky”?


how did he get the nickname tricky bodybuilder

Richard Tricky Jackson is a 43 year old bodybuilder and he is a relic in the eyes of novices that are a lot more younger than him but the fire from his blood and the ascending trajectory of his life still inspires them to worship him. How do you think that Richard Jackson got that slick nickname “Tricky”?

This is from where the nickname “Tricky” comes:
Richard Jackson’s nickname became a part of his identity in 3 phases:

  1. When Richard was in high school, break dance was popular and he was a great dancer so they named him “Tricky” (skilled).
  2. During college he was in the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity and he had to choose a nickname so he kept the nickname Tricky from high school.
  3. At the beginning of his bodybuilding career, Skip La Cour told Jackson that he should have a nickname that can be easily promoted so the nickname Tricky once again got stuck to Richard Jackson.
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One Response to “How did Richard Jackson get the nickname “Tricky”?”

  • Weightlifter Guy says:

    funny nickname tricky jackson heh, he’s a tricky bodybuilder isn’t he?

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