How to set up smith machine for proper decline bench press


proper adjust smith machine for decline bench pressThe targeted muscles for proper decline bench press at the smith machine are the chest muscles focusing on the lower chest and triceps. The decline bench press at the smith machine is an exercise where you put heavy weights and the decline bench at the smith machine is usually done at the beginning of your workout.

For complete exhaustion of your chest muscles after doing decline bench press you should try standard barbell or dumbbell bench presses at normal bench or incline bench but this is not related to the subject on how to set up the smith machine.

So you’re in the mood for some smith machine decline bench press for growing your lower chest but how do you set up the smith machine in a proper position?

  1. Place a decline bench inside the smith machine. Adjust the decline bench at approximately 45 degrees.
  2. Lay yourself on the bench press. Your torso should be supported from head to hips, your knees should be bent and your legs secured when sitting on the decline bench that is used for growing the lower chest.
  3. Grab the bar with a wide pronation grip. ┬áRotate the barbell in order to get it off from the stand and hold it directly above you, it’s easy with the help of the smith machine.
  4. Do a “test drive” only with the empty bar to verify if the decline bench is in proper position. The bar should get close to the lower pecs, your elbows should be pointed out. That’s when you got it! It’s not that hard to know how to set up a smith machine for proper decline bench pressing.

Either you have help or not, be sure that the safety measure is adjusted correctly to ensure a easy ending of the press set when you get exhausted from training your lower chest on the smith machine decline bench.

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One Response to “How to set up smith machine for proper decline bench press”

  • Jeremy lovendal says:

    i almost had an accident during my smith machine chest workout once.. i’m afraid of using it. Sad huh?

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