Newsflash! Calcium increases testosterone levels for bigger muscles!


get muscles with calciumIf you want to increase your testosterone levels and therefore build muscles, latest researches show that you need lots of calcium in your bodybuilding diet for increasing hormone levels.

We all know or we should know that testosterone is the king of hormones for muscle gaining and numerous researches show that a high testosterone level intensifies the protein synthesis and therefore you get more muscle mass, a shorter recovery time and a big libido.

But what’s with the calcium and testosterone?

If you already buy supplements that increase testosterone levels you can throw them away because NEW studies show that a simple daily calcium dose along with a exhausting workout could support a increase in testosterone levels!

6 reasons for choosing calcium

  1. Calcium is fundamental for healthy strong teeth and bones.
  2. Calcium plays an essential role in burning fat.
  3. Calcium is the main mineral involved in muscle contraction.
  4. Calcium supports testosterone production after an exhausting workout.
  5. Calcium levels usually tend to be low in bodybuilders because most of the diets don’t include dairy products.
  6. In the case of a high protein diet, calcium is excreted in the urine because of the high level of dietary phosphorus so you need to increase the calcium dose.

One single mug full of broccoli contains aproximately 43 mg of calcium, more than enough to sustain a daily dose of calcium for increased testosterone levels!

So.. supplementing a diet with calcium seems to support a increasing of testosterone levels induced by hard workouts. Bodybuilders that need to maximize their natural testosterone production and muscle gaining can take this article seriously.

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