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Rémi Gaillard’s flexing and posing prank at a bodybuilding competition!

Rémi Gaillard doesn't have muscles to compete in bodybuilding contests like Mr. Universe but he always loves a good prank and he also loves that look on people's faces - it's priceless. Rémi Gaillard became famous for his videos on youtube where he does all kinds of funny crazy stuff in his unique style of humour. Gaillard's motto "C'est en faisant n'importe quoi qu'on devient n'importe qui" can translate into something like "It's by doing anything that we become anyone" and Rémi sure does a...

Calvin Harris – You Used To Hold Me

Calvin Harris - You Used To Hold Me Hmm, you can try another approach with the workout songs, take a break from rock for a while. This song is from Calvin Harris and it's quite a workout enhancer, i've tried it for myself. Muscles seem to love working out on this song "you used to hold me".

Fathers of modern bodybuilding:Baptiste, Park, Ross, Theriault, McCune

In this photo you can see the fathers of modern bodybuilding.. Walt Baptiste, Reg Park, Clancy Ross, Ed Theriault and Bob McCune- bodybuilders all dressed up in suits, sitting and laughing. Can't you just feel the way they're emanating a inner wildness and craziness typical for a bodybuilder? In his last years of life, Clancy Ross said that life is so much more worth living when a person is strong and healthy. After knowing the benefits, Clancy said that he would make every possible effort to s...