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Happy new year bodybuilding enthusiasts 2012!

May 2012 bring you lots of joy, money for supplements and steroids, love and huge bodybuilding success if you compete! Take care and be sure that 2012 will bring you hotter articles about gaining lean muscle mass with or without steroids!

Chrunches or core exercises for 6 pack abs?

First of all if you want to get 6 pack abs or washboard abs then crunches are the most effective and best exercise for developing shredded abs. Some people think that if you' re bending the spine forward like when you're doing crunches then a lot of stress is put on the spine disks and that's correct. Now should crunches be replaced with core exercises that do not flex the spine? Are they better for sculpting 6 pack abs?Some researches show that flexing the spine is actually good for the sp...

Healthy holiday rosemary and garlic turkey

Recipe for today: Delicious rosemary and garlic turkey On holidays we tend to eat more and that's good for a bodybuilder but it isn't that good if that food is also full of fat. So here is one healthy recipe that i am sure you will like and that it won't get extra pounds for sportsmen! Ingredients for a healthy holiday rosemary and garlic turkey recipe: 8-10 lb. turkey you could use 3 halved lemons too 4-5 whole garlic cloves 4 teaspoons of dried and crushed rosemary that will give...

Merry Christmas bodybuilder friends!

May bodybuilder Santa Claus bring you lots of gifts such as: 11 lbs of muscle mass lots of steroids like testosterone, dianabol, HGH, oral turinabol, equipoise, sustanon, trenbolone enanthate and much more some good old six pack abs plenty of healthy food for sustaining those 11 lbs of muscle mass ohh and a staggering 44 lbs added to your bench press I wish you the best of luck and happiness!

Breaking Benjamin – The Diary of Jane

Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane Today, while i was jogging, a super cool workout song started playing on my ipod and when i looked, there it was.. Breaking Benjamin with their song the diary of jane. 'Hope you'll like training your muscles on my songs for workout!

Jamie Taylor in jeans shorts showing her sexy hamstrings

This hot shemuscle was caught on camera while she was warming up near the dumbbell rack dressed in some jeans shorts and a small white tank top. Those shrunken clothes were on purpose on Jamie Taylor so that we can easily see her sexy hamstrings and calves flexing and teasing us :D .

Bigger strength and muscle gains with reverse linear periodization?

First of all: What's a linear periodization in bodybuilding terms? Linear periodization is a well known classic method originally created by a russian researcher named Matveyev. The linear periodization is basically an intensive training method structured on different units of time that focuses on developing different muscle capabilities without having to reverse your agonizing hard work from the gym! The linear periodization has: a Hypertrophy phase a Strength phase a Power phase a R...

Seether – Remedy

Seether - Remedy As usual you probably want that workout song already and here it is! Don't forget that steroids are bad but also good in the hands of someone that can do something astonishing with them.

Homemade healthy chips and salsa sauce with tuna

Recipe for today: Homemade healthy chips and salsa sauce with tuna If you're a meticulous fitness or bodybuilding fanatic then you have to cook your own healthy food and snacks so this is a good recipe that you should try for yourself if you want to get less body fat and more lean muscle mass. Ingredients for homemade healthy chips and salsa sauce with tuna 1 whole grain soft tortilla that will get crispy like your favourite chips 1/2 teaspoon with sea salt 1 tablespoon with olive oil ...

Seether – Tonight

Seether - Tonight Tonight is a good night to have a good old fashioned workout because now you have a new workout song from Seether and your testosterone levels are high !What are you waiting for? Pack your gym clothes and transfer the song to your iPod.