Bigger strength and muscle gains with reverse linear periodization?


First of all: What’s a linear periodization in bodybuilding terms?

better muscle and strength gains with reverse periodizationLinear periodization is a well known classic method originally created by a russian researcher named Matveyev. The linear periodization is basically an intensive training method structured on different units of time that focuses on developing different muscle capabilities without having to reverse your agonizing hard work from the gym! The linear periodization has:

  • a Hypertrophy phase
  • a Strength phase
  • a Power phase
  • a Restorative phase
  • So you can use a normal linear periodization by using light weights and progressively going heavier over a large period of time such as weeks or months and it will surely help you build up bigger strength and muscle mass (a basic method used by all beginner or pro bodybuilders).

    Now with reverse linear periodization you would decrease the load while increasing repetitions over this training program.

    Is reverse linear periodization effective? Does reverse linear periodization improve muscle gains or strength?

    Lots of bodybuilders use the reverse linear periodization training regime before competitions but is it indeed good? An experiment was done to see the truth behind this form of cycle training with subjects that followed a 12 week linear periodization strength training program or a reverse linear periodization program.

    reverse periodization gives bigger muscle gainsThe weight and rep count were changed every week till the last training day was finished. While the linear group started with a weight that could allow 12–14 reps per set and ended with a weight that everybody could rep up to 4–6 rep per set, the reverse group did the opposite cycle in the hope of gaining massive strength and more muscle mass.

    What did our subjects achieve using linear periodization method and reverse linear periodization?!

    The linear periodization training method doubled the muscle gains and strength also simultaneously dropping more body fat than the reverse linear periodization cycle that gave the subjects only three pounds of muscle!

    So, no, reverse linear periodization can’t get you bigger muscles and strength, you only have to stick to the basics!

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