Chrunches or core exercises for 6 pack abs?


what's better for six pack washboard abs

First of all if you want to get 6 pack abs or washboard abs then crunches are the most effective and best exercise for developing shredded abs.

Some people think that if you’ re bending the spine forward like when you’re doing crunches then a lot of stress is put on the spine disks and that’s correct.

Now should crunches be replaced with core exercises that do not flex the spine? Are they better for sculpting 6 pack abs?

Some researches show that flexing the spine is actually good for the spine’s disks because it can increase flexibility and reduce low-back pain. The best method for gaining washboard abs is truly by doing lots of crunches!

If you get backaches while doing crunches for those six pack abs, then you did something wrong:

  • Doing crunches right after you wake up to get washboard abs is a bad move because spine disks absorb fluid while you sleep and the pressure inside them when you wake up is 250% higher than before going to bed. Don’t stress the disks, wait for at least two hours to pass..
  • Using a poor form while doing crunches won’t do so much good for your abs and your back as well! (maybe core exercises are a good solution if you don’t know how to do crunches properly)
  • If you work at a desk, then your spine disks move around and get aligned in their own way (a bad sedentary way).When you go to the gym please don’t start by doing crunches even if you’re desperate after 6 pack abs, first you must warm up before the workout can commence (you need to relieve the tension from the disks first)

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3 Responses to “Chrunches or core exercises for 6 pack abs?”

  • Ab fanatics says:

    i also think that crunches are good for sculpting abs. core exercises are more for building abs strength

  • Learning ab secrets says:

    You can work all of your core muscles to flatten your stomach area, but don’t forget to incorporate exercises for your back side core muscles and the upper abdominals, besides working your lower abs. Adding variations of the exercises you do can help work muscles differently and a slow, steady approach is best for stretching and contracting muscles in your lower ab workout.

  • timmy says:

    didn’t know about the spine fluid, thanks for the super article on crunches or core exercises

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