Tom Hardy’s warrior MMA muscle workout and diet plan


tom warrior mma fight

What to say, what to say… Tom Hardy also played the role of Charles Bronson where he showed us that he can learn some street fighting skills with his bare knuckles and gain some serious muscle mass but with a high body fat. Now, after watching the movie Warrior i can really say that it moved me deeply and i strongly recommend it for those who didn’t see it but anyway let’s get to today’s topic and that is: Tom Hardy’s muscle workout and diet plan for a journey that made him a complete mma fighter that can easily compete with UFC fighters.

Our warrior Tom Hardy plays the role of a sad guy named Tommy Conlon that left his brother and drunk father when he was young. He left with his mother leaving behind a promising career in catch wrestling and then he joined the marines after his mother died etc. Good but Tom Hardy or Tom Conlon really knows his mma fight style for which he trained very hard and the restrictive diet plan made him go mad 😀 .

You can unleash the warrior inside you too with a workout and mma training that resembles to Tom’s, you just have to be patient and go hard for complete muscle gaining and improved mma fighting reflexes!

If you loved Tom Hardy’s (Tommy Conlon) muscles between the lats and pecs, abs or his huge traps you must know that they aren’t that hard to obtain.. With a usual bodybuilder workout and some mma training you can develop them in a relatively short time (it depends on how much time and dedication you can spend trying to get the best results).

Returning to Tom Hardy’s physique from the role of Charles Bronson, he wasn’t ripped and shredded in that movie but as i’ve told you, that was the beginning of creating a fearless mma warrior starting by replacing 14 pounds of fat with pure muscle mass that gave him the sheer force necessary for playing the role of Tom Conlon.

What do you think? Do you have that inner warrior that will force you to overcome your condition?
Back door footage of Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton in the cage of mixed martial arts tournament, a fight full of adrenaline and tense muscles!

Tom Hardy’s warrior workout for MMA strength:

You must know that a powerful Octagon fighter includes in his daily mma training and workout a lot of rope jumping and running for cardio so if you want to get in an athletic shape you have to stop being a couch potato!
To achieve the Tommy Conlon physique, Tom Hardy had a daily workout and mixed martial arts training regimen that looked like this:
From 7-8 a clock till 3-4 in the afternoon he would train at the fight club:


  • two hours of boxing and thai boxing
  • two hours of jujitsu
  • two hours of weightlifting
  • two hours of choreography


All these were done for six – seven days a week for 10 weeks before filming. Even the stuntmen made Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton do a workout when they were just sitting around 😀 .

Video of Tom Hardy training for Warrior

Tom Hardy’s personal trainer thinks that it’s better to send constant signals to your body by doing for example 10 pull-ups every hour rather than doing 35 in a single blast.

  • use light weights and move slowly through the exercises focusing on perfect form of the exercise.
  • start by doing those small and intense exercises in the morning, evening and then gradually add other sessions for extra performance, your body will soon start putting some pure lean muscle mass.


tom hardy fight in the cage

Exercises that you can use in your workout to get Tom Hardy’s muscles like in the movie Warrior without any kind of steroids (but a good diet plan is required): recommends using a circuit workout for ensuring great shredded muscle gains and i agree with them. Do these exercises in sets consisting of 10 reps each set then 8, 6 and 3-4 but without having a recovery time between each exercise.

  • push-ups– you can try different variations of push-ups on each set to hit all your major upper muscles from knuckle push-ups to hands wider than shoulder width apart push-ups. It sounds easy but it can get quite tricky and hard to do them. They’re good for gaining Tommy Conlon strength in punches 😀 .
  • shoulder flies (180 degrees) or shoulder lateral raises– using dumbbells or kettlebells for shoulder flies holding the weights with your palms forwards can help you gain traps like warrior Tom Hardy. The lateral dumbbell raises help you get some big shredded shoulders.
  • dips-regular dips done wherever you can but remember to hold those feet and back straight.
  • the bridge-you’ve been hating it at gym class but the bridge can build huge core strength and a powerful neck and you need that kind of strength in a mma competition!! Remember that all your weight should go through your toes and hands, not on your head in a first step! After doing that first step gently let your bodyweight on your head and toes but hold your hands close to the head.Good, now your partner should give you a small barbell only if it’s easy for you to stay in the bridge position on your head. With that barbell you can do 5 bench press reps while staying in the bridge position. Intense workout isn’t it? 🙂
  • as for the washboard 6 pack abs you can check out this video from which you can get some nice moves


ripped abs shirtless

Tom Hardy’s Warrior diet plan for lean muscle building

Besides that hardcore workout and the basic mma training, Tom Hardy had to eat a lot of food for gaining those imposing muscles through a well balanced diet plan. At lunchtime after training he was loading up, trying to get heavier.

Dense muscles require food like:

  • protein shakes
  • a lot of chicken and rice
  • lots of vegetables to help the metabolism
  • oatmeal etc.


Photo gallery with Warrior Tom Hardy:

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how did tom hardy gain muscles
last fight warrior

tommy conlon back
before warrior and after
diet plan for warrior

tom hardy charles bronson
tom hardy shirtless in warrior avatar

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18 Responses to “Tom Hardy’s warrior MMA muscle workout and diet plan”

  • jake says:

    I think tom hardy is a badasss with that temper of his and that brute force.

  • Jason Simmons says:

    tom hardy’s workout rocks like it should, i guess that hardy’s strength comes from the core now that he enjoys training like a mma fighter and dieting like one too

  • Denise Marianelle says:

    tommy conlon is a hot character but he still is hardy and i love him especially when he’s shirtless. Super hot tattoossss too

  • MMA fanatic Tom Hardy admirer says:

    so you’re saying that tom hardy combines bodyweight circuits with strength training and cardio to build strength, stamina and agility ? that’s my reader conclusion

  • Roxette Layla says:

    tom hardy is my warrior role model. im wondering if he likes being a fitness example

  • Bob D. says:

    i’ve integrated deadlifts and olympic lifts snatch clean and jerk movements in my workout routine to build traps and thick neck like tom hardy had in warrior, hope it will pay out!

  • Gillian Dimmer says:

    tom hardy had muscles in inception too you know. nice classy look

  • Andrew Bart says:

    done reading tom hardy’s workout and i must say that the mma training with box jujitsu and etc is a good thing for everybody to know but that diet plan is hard to have because of the amount of money needed

  • Eric Peterson says:

    Even if this movie with tom hardy and joel edgerton has a main line on surviving in the brutal world of mixed martial arts you can also see the family theme where someone is hurt and abandoned. I’m interested in tom hardy’s workout and diet plan because i can use a good one and i’ve seen on google that a lot of people want to look like tom hardy in warrior with those big traps and chiseled muscles, he’s just a sick ass action movie actor. Tom Hardy watch out!!! I’ll get your looks and be bigger than you and yeah all that without steroids cause sometimes i think that you used them for those results in just 10 weeks of training

  • Batman beats Hardy Bane says:

    it seems that tom hardy’s workout and diet for the dark knight rises was the same but with a lot more food to get that masked bane look. White and full of muscles huh

  • Scott Hilfiger says:

    Even if he played a brutal role of an ufc cage fighter Charlotte Riley still loves Tom Hardy and i think that his good looks and awesome muscles resulted from that training and diet play an important role in that fatal attraction from his fiancee

  • It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I would like to see tom hardy in a real ufc fight with those muscles of him go head to head with other real fighters

  • Jim HillgerMillger says:

    tommy makes my day with this movie. warrior rullz

  • bubble bath girl says:

    MMA muscle workout and diet plan – Muscle Gaining is a great write-up. You get my vote for Tom Hardy’s warrior workout and I’ll bookmark this blog right now.

  • Diane Puterman says:

    tom hardy showed some interesting acting intensity besides that warrior physique.. Cool article, cheers tommy conlon

  • Sandie says:

    I’ve learn several excellent stuff here. I wonder if someone attempted to look like tom hardy, i’ll get one of his tattoos

  • Latino batman lover says:

    guess they recognized tom hardy’s particular problem, him being skinny, now he’s a buffed up guy for the role of Bane in batman. You are wonderful! Thanks!

  • New Breed says:

    Just to let you know, in the article it says he joined the Marines in the movie Warrior, not the Army as noted in the article.

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