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Small secret to get stronger in the gym

It seems that the quiet before the storm is the key for an efficient workout that gives the best results, yes you can use workout songs during your workout but, according to some new studies, you should know a secret before going to the gym to grow muscles. So when i prepare myself for a good workout, i'll usually listen to something that would energize me like some rock songs or watch some mma fights for a boost of adrenaline and testosterone but now i'm messed up after i've read that secret...

Blink 182 – Feeling This

Blink 182 - Feeling This Take me away from here, i'm feeling this! Blink 182 gives us a good workout song which you should try to listen at the gym! Punk rock is also good for pumping iron and don't forget that famous bodybuilding quote: "go hard or go home!"

Eat healthy, eat a good chef salad!

Recipe for today: Tasty chef salad As usual dinner takes time to cook and sometimes i guess that you're tired and you just want to rest after a good workout session. You can do that if you have a time cheat meal as a healthy chef salad that still can do the job of growing muscles. Ingredients for a good muscle grower chef salad one half cup with ground turkey 2 or 3 handfuls of spinach salad mix 1 cup chopped veggies healthy pack in your diet (mushrooms etc.) 2 tablespoons with sal...

Johnathan Lee Johnson young before and after bodybuilding

Ever wondered how did Johnathan Lee Johnson looked like when he was young? He had a skinny frame (but still more athletic than others) on which he built huge muscles with bulking mass as a real pro bodybuilder that he is. Even if he used steroids it doesn't matter, the result was perfect. This is Johnathan Lee Johnson before bodybuilding as a young basketball player!

Alter Bridge – Break Me Down

Alter Bridge - Break Me Down I love this workout song from Alter Bridge, it's so.. i can't describe the feeling that it gives me before or during my workouts. From the beginning it has something special, you know? Growing big muscles has never been so intense for me !

Bodybuilder’s fun area: Karate King fighting game

If you want some fun before or after a workout session you should really try this online game from miniclip: Karate King. You have to fight all kind of bad guys only with your bare knuckles and feet. Yeah, you're strong and your strength comes from those shredded muscles. Kick the karate crap out of the bad guys with the help of a secret weapon from this online fighting muscle game.. when your rage bar is full, you have to press the space button and you'll see the pure brute force obtained. Be a...

Eva Andressa Vieira’s awesome fitness figure abs

Our shemuscle Eva Andressa Vieira shows some awesome abs that are completed with a great pear of breasts. Nevertheless those hidden arms beneath the blouse are some killer guns :D and as a fitness figure, Eva really gives us a view on bodybuilding, a view of beauty and sexiness.

Crazy simple bodybuilding protein pudding recipe

Recipe for today: Bodybuilding protein pudding You can try various flavours for this bodybuilding special pudding if you need diversity :D . Ingredients for a crazy simple protein pudding recipe: one box of sugar free pudding mix of course that you will need the protein powder 1-2 scoops of it one and a half cup of skim milk How to cook the crazy simple bodybuilding pudding recipe Do you have directions written on the pudding box? Well of course you do, silly, and you should fo...

Weezer – I’m Your Daddy

Weezer - I'm Your Daddy Weezer is our daddy when it comes to music but that doesn't apply for bodybuilding! Weezer sings, this ain't impossible but achieving muscle mass isn't impossible. Great workout song that lifts the spirits!

Funny muscle jokes to say at the gym!

Today i was searching for some muscle jokes on google for some personal entertainment and i got tired with all these sites that had a small amount of them so i've decided to post some of them. If you want to impress the gym girls but only after you've finished your workout, you can try using some of those funny muscle jokes that can do the trick even if they're corny or something. :D A priest, a rabbi and a black guy walk into a bar. An Olympic bar. Did the zoo call you today? ...Why? ...