Small secret to get stronger in the gym


get stronger relaxed before training

It seems that the quiet before the storm is the key for an efficient workout that gives the best results, yes you can use workout songs during your workout but, according to some new studies, you should know a secret before going to the gym to grow muscles.

So when i prepare myself for a good workout, i’ll usually listen to something that would energize me like some rock songs or watch some mma fights for a boost of adrenaline and testosterone but now i’m messed up after i’ve read that secret to get stronger in the gym 😀 .

Doing those things is counterproductive when trying to obtain strength even though they improve your psychological state!!

The small secret to get stronger in the gym might be to stay more relaxed rather than agitated. The research done at Bridgewater College from Virginia showed that relaxation techniques were better than high violence and hardcore techniques for obtaining that immediate adrenaline strength boost in the gym for the selected subjects.

For this study the subjects did max bench press reps with 225 poundsafter:

  • lying quietly in a dark room listening to soft music
  • watching video of aggressive football footage
  • no training technique (plain workout)

Guess what? The results showed that the small secret to get stronger in the gym is to be peaceful before going to the gym because the study subjects performed about two more reps after the relaxing experience than after the other two! Shocking isn’t it?

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2 Responses to “Small secret to get stronger in the gym”

  • Dan Rosario says:

    hmm nice secret and the relaxation part seems logical. good thing to try before a workout. Can i keep it a secret ?! 🙂

  • James Dillinger says:

    dude, this is not a secret it’s common sense, i always do these things before working out

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